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Dec 16, 13Get Together for 2.0 - New System & Activities Briefs

The 2.0 Version of <Dragon’s Call 2> brings us not only a variety of Christmas activities, but also a lot of new systems and new play. Let us enjoy the game and have fun then will not feel cold in this winter anymore.

Consecutive Login Then Continuously Be Rewarded!

After 2.0 Version Update, players who consecutive login <Dragon’s Call 2> in 7 days will be able to claim a reward every day. The rewards will be more and better with the day accumulation. You will gain one lv3 gem in the 7th day but you need to continuously login the game to obtain the reward of the last day. Once you interrupt the login, it will be counted from the 1st day again. The event will finish after you claimed the rewards of the whole 7 days.
This system will be released when you pass the third story instance in DC2.
Explore the Mystic Treasure of Dragon King
We will remove the Roulette system and bring a new lottery system – The Treasure of Dragon King. Compared to the previous Roulette, the new lottery simplifies the procedure of drawing, enriches the reward type and amount. We have chance to gain not only the Gold, Reputation and Potions from the treasury, but also the Blood Soul and multiple Gems; even the high level Gems. Treasure of Dragon King exploring needs to consume the Treasury Key and you can choose to explore it directly by using Dragon Gold, too. More and more surprise with good luck to you! For more detail about this system, please click here:                                                                         New system - The Treasure of Dragon King


Reap As You Sow, Growth Foundation For Your Win!
The Growth Foundation system is an amazing privilege system which just only for our VIP members. The VIP-lv1 players or above will be able to purchase the newbie growth foundation and get high Dragon Gold profits. You will get this system when you reached lv5 and can spend 300 D.G to purchase the growth foundation; from the day of purchase, you will get the D.G refund every day. It will be a total 5 days and 700 Dragon Gold you will gain. That will be 250% bonus which for your cost!
The event will finish after you claim the Dragon Gold in 5th day. Before you purchase the growth foundation, please check if you are VIP member and have enough Dragon Gold.