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Dec 16, 13New 2.0 Version Is Online!

Dear Adventurers,
     Winter has arrived on Stilland Land. The bitter cold could not stop our footstep of exploration. Along With the new 2.0 version, a new turn of grand events is about to be launched! It will make you forget the cold of winter and warm feeling like spring.
A Carnival Season of Christmas Activities!
The Christmas is the biggest occasion of the year! It represents the new life and hope. During this Christmas vacation, we have prepared a huge carnival party for you. Let’s deck out the holiday with flowers, candy, snowflake, colorized socks and gift boxes and celebrate it through great activities!

Please click here to enter the page of Christmas Activities.
Colorful Gems &Gem Socket System Shock Debut!
<Dragon’s Call 2> will bring a new system which to improve our CE in game; the amazing system is Gem Socket. The colorful gems look valuable but we can’t underestimate their attribute bonus which under the bright appearance. Players can obtain gems from many ways then inset them into your equipments to enhance the stats and your battle rating. In additional, we can level up the gems by using Gem Combine system and add the gem bonus. The gems system will be substantially increase our strength and our enemies on Stilland Land are not to be outbound. They had used all means to be strong and the dark powers were be enhanced to a new high.
In order to help our players finishing their adventure trips more easily, we will provide some gems as Christmas gift and give away for free through the Xmas Online activities. Please don’t miss it!
For more detail about the Xmas activities, please check the Christmas event page.
And for more detail about the Gem system, please click here:          

New system - Gem Socket&Combine;  

 Gems Guide
Level Preference, A good Helper for Grading!
In order to help our players to level up in DC2 more comfortable, the new system – Level Preference had been developed and will be taken in 2.0 Version.
This system opens when we reach lv20 in game and timely provide us with some necessary items which for continually leveling up. The items like Gold, Action Point, Reputation, Potions and so on. It's worth mentioning that these items are not for free. But when you contrast them with their original price, you will find that they are absolutely outstanding bargains. The Level Preference will appear on two different level stages, the lv20 and lv35. Don’t miss it!
Funny Smashing Eggs, Earn Great Rewards!
The Christmas is coming, as the main character in DC2; Dragons gave their eggs as a big gift to our adventurers. We will release the new system – Smash Dragon Egg in 2.0 Version, our players will have chance to gain large amount of gold and gems from the eggs. Please check the detail about this system here:

 New system - Smash Dragon Eggs
More details of the new patch please check our “Patch Note” in game!
Every day is wonderful and we have been always here! Welcome to Dragon’s Call II.