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Jul 09, 13< Dragon’s Call 2> 1.92 Version is Online

Hi, my dear adventurers in Dragon’s World:
Have you already been bored with the level limit and become tired of kicking your heels? And have you already tired of watching the old maps or fighting the old instances then hope something will happen in this world? The 1.92 version is coming! It brings the new lv110 city map and new instances, new quests; also, the new level limit—lv120. Let’s continue our adventure of journey!

1.     New map (lvl110-lvl120):  City of Dissan—New Challenge!


On the new courier station, you will meet more friends. Their past is ancient and unbeknown, experienced vicissitudes in history remains, just like their true power. Let me introduce two new NPCs, we may need their care in the leveling way.
Receptionist Maloney
--Hello, I’m Maloney, the receptionist. Please feel free to contact me if you have any trouble.
Fino Knicks
-- This is an ancient city with a history of a thousand year. Do you see it? This place is filled with dense power of the elements.
2.     New Instances
Ancient Ruins
Ancient Forest
Crime Scene Investigation
3.     Some of New Monsters
The new monsters are more powerful, do you want to get the new equipment to arm your role and pals? Just try to beat them. By the way, please do not provoke them without good mentality and fighting force.
Explorer of Black cliff
Hunter from Magda
Spirit of Tree in Jungle
More details of the new patch please check our “Patch Note” in game!
Every day is wonderful and we have been always here! Welcome to Dragon’s Call II.
Official Website: dc2.gorzt.com

Game Address: dc2.gorzt.com/hd

Gorzt Dragon's Call II Team