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May 24, 13< Dragon’s Call 2> 1.91 Version Has Rushed!

The <Dragon’s Call 2> 1.91 new version of our attention is finally coming, every time of the updating in DC2 always brings different surprise to us, and this time will be more novel and funny. You will be hooked on this world of DC2!
Super Lottery, Lucky Nonstop!
The Lottery maybe no stranger to you, we have many kinds of lottery play in reality and the most common way is drawing the lucky number, then the super lottery system in DC2 is no exception. The Super Lottery will be activated automatically when our level reaches lv25, every week from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 19:00 is the betting time.
Player can bet on at most 10 groups of number every week and the system will run a lottery on Sunday 20:00. It will randomly select 3 codes from number “1-11” as the winning numbers. The more numbers you bet are the same, the more prize you will gain. We need to use the lucky coin to bet lottery. The exact rules of betting and running lottery and the ways to obtain the lucky coin, please check the official guide: Super Lottery


The Global Championship, A New Turn of Kings’ War!
Do you remember the warm blood and excitement in Championship flashing with knives and swords? Are you still aspiring the higher levels of leap after you have been the No.1 in your server? Now, the Global Championship will start. If you are strong, persevering and experienced, please come and join the competition! Just become a leader and lead players in you server to challenge with the opponents from different servers, then create brilliancy and write history in your server! You and your battle companions will be worshiped by other people with the honor of champion! The exact information about the Global Championship please check the official guide: Global Championship
We are always trying our best to improve and innovate in DC2. The full of happiness and wonderful experience, in Dragon’s Call 2!
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