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May 24, 13Henchman

The Henchman system is a new system which for exciting the interaction between players in DC2. We will be able to benefit from this function by capturing different people in game. The Henchman system will be unlocked when players reached lv25 and passed the instance “Hidden Tribe Camp (2)” then click “Henchman” button to enter Henchman interface.
The Henchman Rules
1.       The player who was defeated by you on Arena and Ring escort will be your defeated opponent.
2.       You can check your defeated opponent list by clicking the empty cage on “My Henchman” board then conquer them; if they have been the henchman of other people, you must defeat his current master first.
3.       The relationship of master and henchman will keep only 24 hours, then automatic remove after 24 hours. The master can obtain experience benefit from the henchmen when the relationship over. The amount of experience is based on the level of your henchman and the working time; the higher level and the longer working time, the more experience you will gain.
4.       Player has 3 conquering times every day. If you need the extra times, you can purchase by Dragon Gold, 10 Dragon Gold per time and unlimited.
Conquer Successfully
5.       We can torment and pacify your henchmen one time per day to obtain some benefits. If you do not need anyone of them, you can free him also.
a. Pacify Options :  1) Take the henchman to arena watch a match!
                  2) Take the henchman to take some fruit!
b. Torment Options1) Let the henchman clean the Colosseum!
                   2) Order the henchman to clean the arena!
                   3) Throw the henchman to feed the dragon!
c. The rewards from pacifying and tormenting will be one of less reputation, gold, honor and action points; will be offered randomly every time.
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The Number of Henchmen
The system default one henchman cage activation at the beginning, we can totally activate 8 cages by purchasing and 200 Dragon Gold for opening one cage.
Rescue Henchman
We can click the “Rescue henchman” button to switch the board and it will show your recent 50 friends or guild members who have been conquered by other players. You will be able to save them from their masters. Enter fighting by clicking “Save” button then you need to defeat the master to save your friends/guild members. Everyone has 3 free rescue chances per day. You can spend Dragon Gold to obtain the extra times which costs 5 Dragon Gold one time and unlimited.
Robber and Past Master
The third board “Robber” on the Henchman page will show the recent 10 players who had ever robbed your henchmen. You can defeat them then conquer them. If they have been conquered by other people, you need to defeat their current masters first.
Past Master
The forth board “Past Master” on the Henchman page will show the recent 10 players who had ever conquered you and include your current master. You can click the “Revolt” button to revolt them, if you defeat them, they will be your henchman in return.
Interact Daily
Players are able to check the interact daily records of Henchman system on the right of the interface, the records include conquering and being conquered; rescuing and being rescued; pacifying and being pacifying, freeing and being freeing and etc.
The Transformation of Status
After the opening of the Henchman system, the status of players will be changed by different operation. We have total 4 status in the Henchman system like Free man, Henchman, Henchman Owner and Big Henchman Owner.
Big Henchman Owner: When you have 4 or more henchmen, your status is Big Henchman Owner, there will be a system notice upon the game interface at the same time.
Henchman Owner: When your henchmen less than 4, your status is Henchman Owner.
Henchman: When you are conquered by other players, your status is Henchman.
Free Man: If you do not have any henchman and not being conquered by other players, you are Free Man.