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May 21, 13The Pals & Boss Monsters Updating In 1.91 Version

Dear Adventurers, the 1.91 version updating of <Dragon’s Call 2> will be at hand. Have you been looking forward to what new system will be launched in this version? We will keep it a secret temporarily and announce it before the official updating. First, let’s introduce some optimization of the Arts in game.
The 1.91 version will replace the current appearance of pals and some Boss monsters with new images. The beautiful shaping and combination of colors, the originality of character styles, all of them will set off an upsurge in the world of <Dragon’s Call 2>.
So which character has been “operated”? Let’s be all eagerness to see it!
Some new images of pals:
Destiny Hunter
Yes you read right, she is really our first pal in DC2 -- Destiny Hunter, she has turned from a man to a sexy beauty. I think current Destiny Hunter is looking nice, What do you say?
Dick Agne
Do you remember the brutal strong man who we met at the “Strawberry Field” shortly after we joined this game? We can’t ignore this man after he became one of our pals due to his strong body which brought us a big help to pass the previous instances and colosseum. Now he has been turned to a dwarf with red and large whiskers, the simple and honest makings has never changed.
Knight Harvey
This young general has faded the childishness from his face and has been a steady fellow with mature and vicissitudes. The heavy armor on his body indicates his glorious victories and Indomitable will. Do you feel more security from the current Harvey?
Alice, a smart girl who had made a strong impression on players, now Alice has beautiful white hair and sexy dress, she purposes to seize the hearts of all male players.
Ring Wraith
The Ring Wraith in the movie < The Lord of the Rings> is mysterious and powerful, Their arrival always bring dread and death. Someone complained before about the Ring Wraith in DC2 looks not enough powerful. Now the Ring Wraith comes out from the movie and join us, is it cool?
Some new image of Boss Monsters:
Life Giant                                Ancient Evil
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\宣传\新怪物\生命巨人.jpg  C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\宣传\新怪物\上古邪神.jpg
Hotwind Giant Dragon                       Archbishop Duhon\
Rimefang Lephinx                            Rocks Teddy
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\宣传\新怪物\霜牙拉芬克斯.jpg \
Are the Boss Monsters looking more terrible after changed the appearance? Never mind, the monsters are rarely a problem for you if you are strong enough although they are sinister and bloodthirsty in appearance.
These are the “preheating” introduction of the Arts updating in 1.91 version. More detail information please pay attention to the updating in game. Thank you for your support to <Dragon’s Call 2>!
We will announce the introduction of new systems in 1.91 version in the near future, please wait