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May 14, 14Ore War

Ore war is a new battlefield designed for enriching player’s interaction and passion of battle, which is full of occupation and plunder, also extra incomes! Players of level 36 or above can see and activity icon of Ore War at the top of the interface and enter into it upon clicking.
Ore War panel:
The whole Ore War is divided into Nine Major Ore Areas by levels, and players will be automatically distributed into the corresponding areas when you enter Ore War. Player can do “Occupy” 3 times and “Plunder” 6 times every day and when these free times are used up, you can spend 10 Dragon Gold to add the extra corresponding times.
There is four different Ore in ore area which are distinguished by colors. The occupied ore will show the owners level, name and guild. Click the Ore to check information of the owner and consider if you can plunder it successfully! Never miss any chance to get more incomes!
Rules of Ore War:
1. Ore War is divided into Nine Ore Areas by levels: “36-50”, “51-60”, “71-80”, “81-90”, “91-100”, “101-110”, “111-120”, “121-130”.
2. Players can do the operation of “Occupy” 3 times (Consume 5 action points each time) and “Plunder” five times (Free) every day.
3. Every time when the occupation is successful, players will occupy the ore 3 hours. When the occupied Ore is successfully plundered by others, occupation time will reduce by 20 minutes. 
4. The Ore which was successfully plundered will have a 15-minutes protection time. During the protection, it will never suffer plunder again but can still be occupied.
5. Every time when plunder is successful, players will acquire 20-minute gold income of the ore.
6. No matter plunder and occupation success or fail will decrease the corresponding attack times.
7. When the player who occupied ore suffers plundering attack and occupational attack, the lost HP and partners will not be recovered until the occupation completely failed.
8. Players will gain the income of Ore after the ore occupation finished.
[Important notice]: As the Ore war is divided into 9 level areas, if player level up and reach the requirement of next level Ore area, player will automatically give up the occupied ore and enter into the next level ore area. Of cause, the income of the ore will be directly settlement to the player.
Information Checking
Players can check the information of the occupied ore though “Info” which is in the top right corner of Ore War panel. You can see the information of Plundered times, Yield, Last time and Output.
All players have 1 opening window in the Info panel which means players can occupy 1 ore at present. If you want to have one more Ore, spend extra Dragon Gold to open the other window, 200 D.G each one. More pay, more Gain!
Fight Notice
Plunder, the most important part of our Ore War, which is making us exciting and nervous. Is there any one plundering my ore? Who dare to do this? The entire question will be answered in Fight Notice. Click the Exclamatory Mark in the middle bottom of Ore War panel, there is Fight Notice popping up. Click Reply, you can see the fighting process again.