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Mar 24, 14Funny Style in April Fool’s Day

The “April Fool's Day” is just around the corner, we have prepared a celebration of funny style in this beautiful season which with flowers and happy everywhere. There will be a ton of fun events in Dragon’s Call 2. Don't miss out any of them!
I.             Special Avatar in “April Fool’s Day”!
Do you think the current Morph Cards in DC2 is very uninteresting? Don’t worry, we will transform the boring cards and make it useful. After the 2.2 server maintenance, the Morph Cards will be added with the random attribute bonus, you may only need to spend 100K gold to purchase the card from the Black Market and will get 10% promotion on your random stats.
In addition to this, there will be a very special Morph Cards which just only for “April Fool’s Day”. It is very powerful and magic. This card will bring 30% promotion on your HP and Skill Attack!
By the way, the effect of the normal Morph Cards will last 1 hour, but the special Clown Morph Card will last 48 hours!
How to gain the Clown Morph Card:
You need to collect item which named “Lucky Clover” from our “April Fool’s” activities (Online) then exchange it for the Clown Morph Card. The required amount of Lucky Clover will be 300.
PS: The Lucky Clover can be exchanged for other rewards also.
After you have collected 300 Lucky Clovers, you will be able to exchange the rewards on the “April Fool’s” activities panel directly.
Lucky Clover

Clown Morph Card 

Attribute: After use, it will bring 30% promotion on HP and Skill Attack
Effect Duration: 48 Hours
I.             Mysterious April Fool’s Treasure Chest
The Clown likes play jokes on others, so he left a Fool’s Treasure Chest intentionally to test your courage. There are mysterious treasures in the chest and waiting for our adventurers to explore.
During the “April Fool’s” event time, players are able to purchase the Fool’s Treasure Chest from the store, after opening it, you will have chance to gain random luxurious reward. Every Chest will cost only 39 Dragon Gold.
In Additional, the Lucky Clover and Clown Morph Card can be random and obtained from the chest, too! Don’t miss it!
The Store: You can get in the store from backpack or the NPC – Federation
Using Limit: need to reach lv20
Purchase time: unlimited
Fool’s Treasure Chest


Open the Treasure Chest to randomly obtain one of the following:
Gem gift I *1;
Gold *100K,;
Reputation *500;
Honor *3000
Action Point *100
Treasure Key *3
Hammer *3
Blood Soul Stone I *1
Lucky Clover *1
Clown Morph Card *1
II.           Magical Fool’s Potion
How can the “April Fool’s Day” without Joke? Here we have some special and funny potions for you. After use them, you will get big surprise or shock!
The Foo’s potions will be able to obtain from the “April Fool’s” activities or you can purchase from the store directly.
The Fool’s Potion:
Fool’s Power Potion: After use, you will improve 500 Physical Attack points or reduce 500 Physical Attack points.
Fool’s Intelligence Potion: After use, you will improve 500 Spell Attack points or reduce 500 Spell Attack points.
Fool’s Skill Potion: After use, you will improve 500 Skill Attack points or reduce 500 Skill Attack points.
Fool’s Defense Potion: After use, you will improve 500 Defense points or reduce 500 Defense Attack points. (Include spell defense, skill defense and physical defense)
Fool’s Dodge Potion: After use, you will improve 50 Dodge rating or reduce 50 Dodge rating.
Fool’s Block Potion: After use, you will improve 50 Block rating or reduce 50 Block rating.
Fool’s Crit Potion: After use, you will improve 50 Crit rating or reduce 50 Crit rating.
Effect Duration: 1Hours
Cancel the Effect: Double Click the potion signature which under your character icon to cancel the effect.
The chance to improve and reduce points is all the same. Just try your luck, don’t be too happy when you get the promotion and also don’t be too angry when you are failed. It is just a joke =).