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May 14, 14Ore War

Ore war is a new battlefield designed for enriching player’s interaction and passion of battle, which is full of occupation and plunder, also extra incomes! Players of level 36 or above can see and activity icon of Ore War at the top of the interface and enter into it upon clicking.


Dec 16, 13Get Together for 2.0 - New System & Activities Briefs

The 2.0 Version of brings us not only a variety of Christmas activities, but also a lot of new systems and new play. Let us enjoy the game and have fun then will not feel cold in this winter anymore.


Dec 16, 13New 2.0 Version Is Online!

Winter has arrived on Stilland Land. The bitter cold could not stop our footstep of exploration. Along With the new 2.0 version, a new turn of grand events is about to be launched! It will make you forget the cold of winter and warm feeling like spring.

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