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Jun 08, 15Substitution

We have many helpful pals, but we can format only 4 pals to take part in battle. All of us have a burning desire to place more pals into the formation. Yes, we need it!
And now, Stilland War brings a reserve seat for pal! Take along with your more powerful pal and let him/her join the battle!
Substitution will be unlocked when players are level 60. What we need to do is unlock the slot and place one powerful pal into it.

Rules of Substitution:
1. Players can and only can set 1 pal as substitute. But you can change substitute as you like.
2. Only after one of pals in formation sacrificed in the battle, can the substitute pal replace the position and continue fighting.
3. When the substitute pal goes into battle, he/she can’t inherit buffs which the previous one had.
4. The substitute pal will be rewarded experience same as others after fighting.