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Jun 08, 15Group Instance

There are many instances in Stilland World, Dragon’s Lair, Heroic Instances, Pandemonium and so on, they bring us so many exciting and enjoyable experience. However, we still have a pity that there is no instance for us fight together with friends or strangers. And NOW, the Group Instance is available! Let us explore and conquer the new area together!

System Open:
The Group Instance will open as soon as players reach level 35. Players can enter the map of Group Instance by clicking the icon at the top right.

The Complete Map:
Feature Overview:
1. Players have 3 free challenge chances every day.
2. Players have 5 assistance times to help other player to challenge the instance every day.
3. When challenge chances are used up, it will consume assistance times of team mate automatically to join the instance, under this situation, assistants will be rewarded noting but mate points (Every time it will add 1 mate point).
4. Players have chances to gain rare items in group instance.
5. Players can consume a certain number of Dragon Gold and Mate Points to purchase 1 Challenge time.