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Jun 08, 15June 9th Maintenance & Patch Note

We will be performing server maintenance from 02:00 AM to 04:00 AM, June 9th, 2015 [EDT] in all servers. If maintenance fails to be completed on schedule, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly.

Patch Note:

New Functions
1. New system – Group Instance
There are many instances in Stilland World, Dragon’s Lair, Heroic Instances, Pandemonium and so on, they bring us so many exciting and enjoyable experience. However, we still have a pity that there is no instance for us fight together with friends or strangers. And NOW, the Group Instance is available! Let us explore and conquer the new area together!

2. New Activities – Substitution
We have many helpful pals, but we can format only 4 pals to take part in battle. All of us have a burning desire to place more pals into the formation. Yes, we need it! To response these wishes, Stilland War brings a reserve seat for pal! Take along with your more powerful pal and let him/her join the battle!

3. New Activities –Summer Carnival!
Dear Adventurers, summer is so hot that we can’t refuse its enthusiasm! Let’s come together to enjoy a party in summer day! Special day brings special power, light the fireworks to gain a happy surprise and pray in Altar to receive a big return from Stilland World!