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Apr 28, 15Happy Labor Day

Lingering Charm of Spring is still remains; summer breath spreads gradually. Under this beautiful environment, we usher in the celebration of Labor Day! During the time of celebration, our magical gest will pay a visit to human society. And the honorary title will be award to the most industrious adventurers.

Part I: What is NEW and Special!
1. Wood Sprite Morph Card!
Wood Sprites are attracted by the hot atmosphere of people in Stilland when celebrating. They use the art of metamorphosis and magic, engage in spiritual possession of adventurers to join this celebration and see the world. Wood Sprites will leave adventurers after 48 hours as their magic power will use up at that time. For feedback, they will lead adventurers’ Dodge+30% and Skill defense +30%. 
How to gain —— Collect 88 Corolla of Wood Sprite to combine a  Wood Sprite Morph Card.

2. New Title!
We bring a new title for this dramatic day! Everyone has chance to be a “The Glory of Diligence” which can lead character’s HP +10%, Resilence Rating+30% in 20 days!
How to gain —— Collect 102 Glory Debris to combine them into title card of “The Glory of Diligence”.

3. New Seed – Sunflower
We also bring the warmth flower – Sunflower! Plant the Sunflower Seed in nursery and you will harvest unprecedented surprise.

Part II: Special Events!

1. Quota Pack Sale!
[Event Duration]: April 30th – May 3rd
[Event Description]: A super value package will be on sale during April. 30th 00:00 – May. 3rd 23:59! 250 Dragon Gold for super Action Points Pack, Gold Pack, Cupid pieces and else! What are you waiting for? Come and join the happy style!
Each character can purchase the pack only one time each day.

2. New Drop in The Treasure of Dragon’s King!
[Event Duration]: May 30th – May 5th
[Event Description]: During the Event time, Dragon’s Treasure will drop Wings Debris which is the most important item for new system - Wings!

3. Wheel of Fate
[Event Duration]: May 8th –May 14th
[Event Description]: lack of coupons for Lady Bunny, ticket for Clown, egg pieces for Giddy egg? Never mind! They will still be rewarded in Wheel of Fate. New items are available too! For new title and new special morph card, you can’t miss the chance to roll the wheel again!

Part III: Online Activities!

Event 1: Login for Rewards!
[Goal]: Login every day (0/20)
[Event Duration]: April 30th 00:00 – May 1st 23:59
[Event Description]:
During event time, Login DC2 to gain rewards Every Day!
20 AP, Sunflower Seed*1

Event2: Join the Escort Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Event Duration]: April 30th 00:00 – May 2nd 23:59
[Goal]: Escort: (0/3)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, join the Escort event 3 times every day to claim wonderful rewards.
50k Gold, Honor *2000, Sunflower Seed*1

Event 3:Accumulate Small Recharge
[Event Duration]: April 30th 00:00 – May 3rd 23:59
[Goal]: Recharge: (0/2000)
During the event time, players can claim rewards by recharging 1000 Dragon Gold. (Recharge and rewards are repeatable.)
Rotary Coupon*1, Glory Debris*1, Corolla of Wood Sprite*1, Sunflower Seed*3

Event 4:  Planting Daily
[Event Duration]: May 2rd 00:00 –May 4th 23:59
[Goal]: Plant in Nursery every day: (0/1)
[Event Description]:
Plant in Nursery system every day to get reward!
10 AP, Honor*1000, Corolla of Wood Sprite*1

Event 5: Consume Action Point and Gain Wonderful Prize!
[Event Duration]: May 2rd 00:00 –May 5th 23:59
[Goal]: Consume Action Points (0/500)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who consumed action point reaches 500 in a day will be rewarded by wonderful prize.
[Event Bonus]:
100k Gold, Reputation*200, Hammer*1, Glory Debris*1

Event 6:  Dragon Lair Daily
[Event Duration]: May 5th 00:00 –May 8th 23:59
[Goal]: Through the Dragon Lair: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, fight and through 5 floors in Dragon Lair every day to gain rewards! (The sweeping is also available.)
100k Gold, Action Point*10, Crystal Shard*5, Sunflower Seed*1

Event 7: Send Flowers to Gain Rewards Every Day
[Event Duration]: May 6th 00:00 –May 9th 23:59
[Goal]: Send flowers to your friend Every Day!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, you will be able to claim wonderful rewards after you sent 9 or 99 flowers to your friends in game.
Send 9 flowers will gain: 120k Gold; 5000 Honor, Sunflower Seed*1
Send 99 flowers will gain: 360k Gold; 200 Reputation, Junior Blood Soul Stone*1, Glory Debris*1, Corolla of Wood Sprite*1

Event 8: Henchman Daily
[Event Duration]: May 6th 00:00 –May 9th 23:59
[Goal] Conquer/Revolt: (0/3)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, conquer the other players or revolt your past master 3 times to gain reward.
100k Gold, Honor*2000, Strength Potion IV *1, Sunflower Seed*1

Event 9: Explore the Treasure of Dragon King and Gain Reward!
[Event Duration]: May 5th 00:00 –May 10th 23:59
[Goal]: Explore Treasure of Dragon King: (0/10; 0/30; 0/50; 0/100)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who explore Treasure of Dragon King 1times, 10 times, 30 times, and 50 times in a day will be able to gain wonderful rewards!
[Event Bonus]:
Explore 10 time will receive: Gold*100K,Primary Blood Soul Stone *1
Explore 30 times will receive: Gold*200K, Action Point Potion III *1, Senior Training Scroll*1, Sunflower Seed*1
Explore 50 times will receive:Potion III Pack*1,Honor Card IV *2, Harmer*2, Corolla of Wood Sprite*1
Explore 100 times will receive: Action Point *100, Attack gem gift I *1, Horoscop Debris*5, Corolla of Wood Sprite*1, Glory Debris*2

Event 10: Smash Dragon Eggs Daily
[Event Duration]: May 10th 00:00 –May 13th 23:59
[Goal]: Smash Dragon Eggs: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, smash the Dragon Eggs reach 5 times will be rewarded. (It contains the free smashing, hammer smashing and Dragon Gold smashing.)
Gold*200K, Treasure Key*1, HP Gem II*1, Sunflower Seed*2

Event 12: Combine Your Gems and Win!
[Event Duration]: May 11th 00:00 –May 14th 23:59
[Goal]: Level up your gems Every Day!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who combine the gems to the specified level every day will be rewarded!
Combine a Level 3 Gem will receive: 300K Gold,30 AP, Hammer*1, Sunflower Seed *1
Combine a Level 4 Gem will receive:  500K Gold,50 AP,Hammer *2,Treasure Key *2,Corolla of Wood Sprite *1
Combine a Level 5 Gem will receive:  800K Gold, 100 AP,Hammer *3,Treasure Key *3,Corolla of Wood Sprite*1, Glory Debris*1
Combine a Level 6 Gem will receive:  1000K Gold, 150 AP,Hammer *5,Treasure Key *5,Corolla of Wood Sprite*2, Glory Debris*2

Event 12: Join Death Match every day, win free rewards!
[Event Duration]: May 12th 00:00 –May 15th 23:59
[Goal]: Death Match:(0/1)
[Event Description]:
During the duration, players who join in the Death Match will earn the rewards as below.
Gold*100k, Honor Card II*1,Reputation Card II*1, Sunflower Seed*1

Event4: Accumulated Top-up For Luxury Reward!
[Event Duration]: May 9th 00:00 –May 15th 23:59
[Goal]: Recharge and accumulate your Dragon Gold to gain different rewards.
[Event Description]:
During the Event time, if the accumulated amount of your recharged Dragon Gold reaches the requirement in time, you will receive additional bonus! COME AND RECHARGE!
●Accumulated amount reaches 500 D.G will win: 210K Gold, 30 AP, 50 D.G, Sunflower Seed*2
●Accumulated amount reaches 1000 D.G will win: 320K Gold, Reputation*200, Honor*2000, Super Blood Soul Stone*1, 125 D.G, Sunflower Seed*4
●Accumulated amount reaches 3000 D.G will win: 540K Gold, Honor*5000, Crit Gem II *1, Dragon Gold*268, Corolla of Wood Sprite*2, Glory Debris*2
●Accumulated amount reaches 5000 D.G will win: 860K Gold, Horoscope Debris *2, Extreme Training Scroll *2, Treasury key*2, Dragon Gold *620, Corolla of Wood Sprite*4, Glory Debris*4
●Accumulated amount reaches 10000 D.G will win: 1700K Gold, Attack gem gift IV *1, Hammer*5, Treasury key*5, Dragon Gold*1250, Corolla of Wood Sprite*6, Glory Debris*6
●Accumulated amount reaches 20000 D.G will win: 3300K Gold, Dodge Gem V*1, Immediate upgrade scroll*1, Hammer*10, Treasury key*10, Dragon Gold *2450, Corolla of Wood Sprite*10, Glory Debris*10