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Feb 21, 13Background Story

Creation Mythology
In the beginning, Quillas, Father of Heaven, awoke from chaos to find that the universe was quite, vast and tedious. He then created thousands of unique worlds and separated them with boundaries. He plucked hair from his body and enchanted them with part of his power to make them gods with different capabilities. These gods were then sent to the different worlds as guardians and builders in his stead. None of these worlds was ever close to perfect and stable. The rise and fall of good and evil forces was breeding conflicts and crises. But Father of Heaven decided this should be the way, and after the order was initially established, he fell into long sleep again.
Our story unfolds in one of these worlds, StilLand, a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. There was a short period of quiet time after the worlds came into being, when all forms of life lived in peace and harmony. However, as powers and desires swelled, struggles and conflicts, declared or not, came one after another, numerous wars bestowed different destinies upon the races. Some races vanished, while others rose; some allied with each other, while others continued endless fights; some dwelled atop high mountains, while others lurked into abyss seas…
Life breeds desire, and desire breeds strife.
War has never ceased, neither could it be.
During the past wars, an alliance between humans, wood elves and ravine dwarves, known as Phio Alliance, was gradually formed. Humans living in the world of StilLand established four kingdoms, Glance, Disarn, Weirgburg and Stalla. There are also human factions belonging to none of these kingdoms, like the bandits living on Pandar Prairie, who called themselves Pandar Hawk, and a zealot group known as Purple Twilight. 
In the year 148 before StilLand Calendar, the chaotic orcs successfully persuaded the darkcliff dwarves and the gray elves into a sudden strike against the human kingdoms, Glance and Stalla. In consideration of self defense, Disarn and Weirgburg did not dispatch instant reinforcements, which almost led to the fall of their own kingdoms. The horrifying war lasted more than 100 years. In the end, with the help of wood elves and ravine dwarves, the humans drove the evil forces completely out of their territory. Witnessed by wood elves and ravine dwarves, the kings of the four survived kingdoms signed a treaty of alliance on Mount Phio, a holy mountain in the south of StilLand. The treaty stipulates that the kingdoms must form an alliance at war time and offer resource assistance mutually whether at war or in peace time. It also stipulates that upon the age of 14, princes must make a study tour to other kingdoms to promote mutual understanding and friendship.  
The peak where the treaty was signed came to be known as Four King Peak afterwards. On that day, the four human kings, together with Iona, Queen of Wood Elves, and Kruel Hammer, King of Ravine Dwarves, blessed the land to celebrate the signing of the treaty. Therefore, the peak was recognized as a holy place by the Phio Alliance, and stationed by senior priests and elite soldiers all year round. In memory of this great moment, the human kingdoms which adopted different calendars in the past, decided to make this year the first year of the StilLand Calendar. The other races, although insisting on their own calendars, gradually came to recognize the universal status of the StilLand Calendar. Eventually, they began to use both the StilLand Calendar and their own to communicate with each other and record history.
After that, all races ushered in an era of peace and rest. There has been no major war since then, despite some minor conflicts.
As ages came and went, history sank into legend.
Storm Approaching
In the StilLand year of 656, Scott the Redneck, the ambitious young ruler of the chaotic orcs, backed up by the substantial properties inherited from his predecessors, plotted evil against the Phio Alliance for its vast territories, enormous wealth and powerful magic. He has even deployed forces in many places and started spy missions and tentative attacks against the alliance. 
Meanwhile, the dark dragons took frequent actions against the humans. Evil and cruel, fark dragons are a mutated brood of dragons born after the ancient war between the dragons, known as Dragon’s Cry. They have not only increased the number of their offspring, but also captured some slaves from the other races. 
Apart from that, another force, more ancient and evil, is looming in the unseen corners. 
While in the human realm, although people seemingly lead a peaceful life, abnormal and strange things often take place here and there. The relentless undercurrents seem to foretell the storms drawing near.
Not long ago, the Kingdom of Disarn has just lost their wise king, who died of old age. The kingdom now is ruled by the prince regent, since the prince is yet too young.
The queen of the Kingdom of Stalla died of a strange disease on her travelling tour, and the beautiful queen newly married to the king, is seemingly in harmony but actually at variance with the princes and princesses.
The eldest prince of Glance, while on his study tour to the other kingdoms following the old tradition, oddly disappeared when travelling across Pandar Prairie from Disarn to Weirgburg. The king of Glance, shocked and furious, offered a generous reward for finding the prince. Disarn and Weirgburg, deeply embarrassed, are doing their utmost to offer their best assistance in the search.
Now, chance has come to you, a young adventurer growing up in Willshire situated in the countryside of Glance, who dreams of becoming a hero every day and night. 
Seal of Destiny
The First Continental War washed the StilLand over with fire and blood, leaving many scars on the continent. For all the life forms on the continent, Goddess Ania released her light of divinity at the cost of her life. The lives were retained in the bath of her life force, though Ania herself ceased into an eternal slumber beneath Mount Phio. So far, all the good and orderly races, namely, the humans, the dwarves and the elves all vowed their loyalties to Goddess Ania and signed their treaty in the name of the holy mountain, thus formed the Phio Alliance.
In the blink of an eye, hundreds of years had come and gone since the First Continental War, and StilLand had restored its prosperity. However, the evil was far from sparing this peace-loving alliance. The brutal and barbaric chaotic orcs brought turmoil to the Alliance territory as they were driven by greed to grasp the land piece by piece. The dark and corrupt undead forces roamed in great numbers, contaminating each hectare of the land in their trail. As the evil grew in strength, the Phio Alliance, once a vigorous coalition seemed to be cursed into a deathly sleep. The mental fatigue swept through the Alliance in the manner of an epidemic. The high command endeavored to no avail in this dark hour of history. Finally, it passed that Whilar the Elder, King of Adventure from Glancer, unveiled the secret behind all this. The radiance from Mount Phio was sealed by some dark force, thus declined in brilliance. The Alliance that was so used to the glory of the Goddess’ light lost its nourishment that had been granted for so long. After a counsel of emergency, the Alliance resolved to risk all of its remaining strength to piece together the Shards of Light scattered on the continent in an effort to break the ward and free the light of the Goddess of Life.
The enemy is at the gate. The fangs and claws are closing in on the Phio Alliance without mercy. Little time do we have indeed. Forward, the valiants of the Phio Alliance! The poetry of your triumph will be written with blood. The keen edge of your sword will lead you to the hall of fame. Vow to Goddess Ania! Devote yourself to peace and freedom!
In the StilLand year of 660, as more than two years had passed since the seal of the Goddess’ light, countless adventurers joined their efforts to have the light of life return to Mount Phio. The valiants of the Alliance grew fast in prowess under the care of the holy light. However, the year was bound to be a year of unsettling peace. Many races on the continent showed their tusks to the Phio Alliance. Moreover, a long waiting evil force was roaming in the dark and approaching the unaware Phio Alliance.
In the StilLand year of 661, Mount Phio, an emblem of life suffered a strange assault. The intruders who came out of nowhere bested the guards and quietly left afterwards. Doubts were stirred in many a heart. However, the intactness of the holy mountain, viewed by many as fortunate, restrained those concerned from further curiosity. Trouble, though, reappeared before long. A growing number of provinces dispatched reports concerning the containment of the Light. Many adventurers confirmed that they were unable to amass strength. What differentiated the anomaly from the previous one was that the Light of Life glowed as before, though the familiar holy whiteness was replaced by a grotesque layer of carnation, as if it were the sinking sun. This time, even the most seasoned adventurer, Whilar the Elder could not do anything.
Eventually, it turned out that the Goddess did not forsake those who harbored faith in her. Iona, Queen of Wood Elves, dispatched Wood Elf Huntress Siah to deliver the solution to the anomaly. It was uncovered that the holy light was infiltrated by foul magic. Although no damage would be made to their body, the adventurers’ growing strength was converted to a special substance that would go to a mystic plane. Luckily, it did not go for long enough. If enough Frostweave Energy from the Frost Dragon could be gathered, the foul magic profaning the holy light would be undone.
Now it is all like three years ago. The only difference is more powerful foes will come to confront you this time. There are Lax Draconians who only obey darkness, the formidable lich forces, the bloodthirsty Splitpaw Gnoll “Mangler” and not in the least the agelong enemy of the Alliance, the chaotic orcs…However, you, the sworn enemy of the evil, have become more mature. This matter permits no delay. Forward, viliants of the Phio Alliance! Hold your sword and magic! Vow to Goddess Ania! Devote yourself to peace and freedom!