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Feb 21, 13Meditation System

When fully explore Revantusk Mountain Backway(2), you will get access to the Meditation system, a definitely good way to obtain Experience and level up.

No matter you are online or offline, the Meditation experience will increase every minute. The higher your level is, the more experience you will gain. Open the Meditation interface, you could see total Exp you gained currently in the container, Time remaining, Quicken times, and Quicken experience.

Claim the Experience
You  can either click on the Storage Bottle or the button below it to draw the  experience. Please note that if the bottle is full, the experience will not  increase until you draw it out.

Are  you tired of the long wait for watching the experience rising slowly as the  plant growing? A new quicken system is added. Players can have 5 quicken times  each day with spending 2 dragon gold while VIP could have extra quicken times,  which depends on the level. Additionally, the player could use quicken in the  batch mode to quicken at one time.
P.S.  Each day level 2+ VIPs can automatically extend the time remaining for Meditation  to up to 24 hours, and other player can only perform Muse by a maximum of 8  hours each day.