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Feb 21, 13NPCs

In Dragon's Call II, Non-Player-Controlled Characters (NPC)play an important role in your adventure. You may start and end quests at them. You also have many other options to interact with them.

Tavern Landlady

The charming Tavern Landlady is the only source of pals. She offers a lot of talented pals in her tavern for you to choose from. Sometimes she may even introduce a very good pal to you, who can be of great help in your adventure.

Equipment Merchant

Equipment merchant Mr. K is a graceful gentleman who is always ready to help newcomers. He is selling a rich variety of gears specific to beginners. With the gears, you will be much stronger and able to defeat the tough enemies in the instances much easier. Don’t hesitate to arm your pals and yourself.


What if you are in want of Action Point, Gold, materials or scrolls? Simply turn to the Blackmarketwho will be accessible when you have fully explored Wild Stone Circle(2). The mystery merchant will keep bringing you a surprise. He may sometimes offer ultra rarematerials, gears, or even advancedequipment scrolls that you may only obtain in heroic instances. You just spend little Gold to get items you need.The merchant will refresh his goods once every 6 hours. Fortunately, if you become a VIP, you can directly spend Dragon Gold to refresh the goods at once so that you don’t have to wait for the boring 6 hours.

Medal Merchant

By completing the daily quests assigned by the Guide, you will win some medals most of which will be exchanged with the medalmerchant for alchemy scrolls and gears. The medals will greatly reduce your money and time cost. Just as the Blackmarket, the medal merchant also plays an important part in your adventure.