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Feb 21, 13Class Introduction

There are three classes in Dragon's Call II: Warrior, Assassin and Mage
The three classes have their own features and advantages, which will lead to different training modes, astrologic attributes, selection of pals, and so on. We will introduce more tutorials and information on our official website and forum, please stay tuned.
The  natural leader born and growing up on the battlefield
As  a trustful teammate, Warriors can always fight with melee weapons. They can easily  cut into the enemies’ armor and eliminate them in the fierce battle.

The  uncrowned king in the shadowy world with companionship of cruelty
Assassins  never recognize any official authority or organs. Free of restriction of  morality and emotions, they stick to seeking benefits and victory  unscrupulously. Wandering between darkness and light, Assassins can easily  eliminate their opponents with a single move.
The  element dominator moving as quickly as thunder
Outstanding  energy control, splendid element apprehension and graceful dressing are always  what we see from the mages. In fact, the instant destruction power shown by the  elegant mages can easily stir their teammates’ blood.