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Jul 29, 14Cross Server Guild War

A new exciting mutual competition is coming! We all know that guild war is a fierce and high value event, what about cross server war? There are more strong guilds and the battle will be more intense! The Cross Server Guild War takes a new ranking method that will bring a new e...


May 19, 14Ore War

Ore war is a new battlefield designed for enriching player’s interaction and passion of battle, which is full of occupation and plunder, also extra incomes! Players of level 36 or above can see and activity icon of Ore War at the top of the interface and enter into it upon ...


Dec 16, 13The Treasure of Dragon King

The Treasure of Dragon King system is a new lottery system in Dragon's call 2. Players use Dragon Gold to explore in the treasury then gain big reward.


Dec 16, 13Smash Dragon Egg

The Smash Dragon Egg system is a new and similar lottery system in 2.0 version of Dragon’s Call 2. It provide us an extra way to obtain gems and gold in game. This system will release automatically when our hero reaches lv25.

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