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Dec 16, 13Gem Socket & Combine

The Gem system is a new system in DC2 which for players improving their equipment stats. This system allows us to socket the corresponding attribute of gems on equipments and increase our CE. We will see the “Socket” and “Combine” button on the Refine interface after our level reached lv21.

Gem Stats
The gems contain 13 kinds of attribute, almost the same as the astrology, they are: Physic Attack, Skill Attack, Spell Attack, Physic Defense, Skill Defense, Spell Defense, Crit, Hit, Block, Dodge, HP, Anti-block, Resilence.
A Gem has total 6 levels, higher gem level, higher attribute bonus. 
For detail gem level & stats please check here: Gems Guide

Gem Socket
To socket the gem, we just need to choose the equipment on the left then click the gems in the gem pack. 
If you want to unload the gem, it will be the same, just click the gems which have been socketed on your equipment to unload them.
We have total 3 slots on one equipment. The system default one slot at the beginning, we can open the other two by manual. 
To open the second slot will cost 10 Dragon Gold; and the third one will cost 50 Dragon Gold. In additional, there is level limit for releasing the new slots. The second slot needs lv40, and the third slot needs lv60.

Gem Combine
Gem Combine is the only way to improve the level of gems. The bonus of the gems will be enhanced by the gem level.

Gem Combine Rules: 4 same level gems will be able to combine into a higher level one. For example, we got lv2 Physic Attack Gemx4, then we can combine them into lv3 Physic Attack Gemx1.
Ps: The lv6 gem is the highest level gem and can’t be used to combine.

The Gems on equipments :

Ways to obtain gems
There are many ways to obtain gems in DC2.

The main routes: Smash Dragon Eggs, The Treasure of Dragon King, The official activities, The holiday activities, The recharging bonus and so on.