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Jul 29, 14Cross Server Guild War

A new exciting mutual competition is coming! We all know that guild war is a fierce and high value event, what about cross server war? There are more strong guilds and the battle will be more intense! The Cross Server Guild War takes a new ranking method that will bring a new experience for all guild members! 
Guilds reach level 4 or above can apply for this large-scale event! Players can check the Cross Server Guild War in Guide—Guild Events. 
During the application period, any member can represent guild which must be level 4 or above to apply the Cross Server Guild War by clicking Sign Up. This application will cost 1 million gold which paid by the member who signs up. Clicking View to check the application list and Last Battle to see the results of last competition.
Competition Flow
The Cross Server War starts on 20th 00:00, every month and ends at the finals on 28th 23:59. Considering for servers in different time zones, every competition will lasts for 1 day (except the knockout round), players can join it at any time in regular day when you are free. 
20th, 10:00 [MDT GMT-6] Application starts
23rd, 23:39 [MDT GMT-6] Application ends
24th, 10:00 [MDT GMT-6] Knockout round starts (Every knockout round lasts for 15 minutes, it will force to end the round and get out the result if battle play still not finish when time runs out.)
25th, 0:00-23:59 [MDT GMT-6] Top-8 finals start 
26th, 0:00-23:59 [MDT GMT-6] Top-4 finals start
27th, 0:00-23:59 [MDT GMT-6] Semi-finals start
28th, 0:00-23:59 [MDT GMT-6] Finals start
Knockout Match
During the period of knockout match, players can check Rival guild, Score and result on Guild War Records. Be attention that guild will be knocked out after 5 losers. Knockout Match will end until the top 16 guilds fighting out. 
Ranking Rules
Cross Server Guild War takes new method to determine rankings. In the top 16 battles, every member would take 3 stars into the battle, and every member will have 2 chances to challenge in each round to despoil stars from rivals. Advancement to next stage will be determined by stars ranking. 
When the battle begins, there is Time left for reminding members how much time member still has to challenge your rivals. Click Ranking can check current star rankings. 
Clicking Join Battle to open the challenge panel. In this panel, members can get information of the rival guild about how many members they are, how many stars each member still has and so on. 
In order to get more stars to win the game, players should choose rivals more carefully. There are two factors that should be taking into consideration. First, how many stars your rivals still have. Second, make a ccomparison of yourself and your rivals, and consider which one you can completely defeat to get more stars from him. Pay attention that every member only has 2 chances to challenge, seize every opportunity to win more stars! (PS: If there is only 1 member in a guild, the member will have and only have 1 challenge chance in every promotion race.)
Either challenge successful or failing, there is a prompt box popping up. 
The course of battle can be checked in the panel of Guild War by clicking Check button. 

1. Each member of the champion guild will receive: 2000 reputation, 5 million gold.
What is more, the champion guild will receive 3000 dragon gold divided equally among all its members (e.g. If the guild has 20 members they will receive 150 dragon gold each one), and the guild leader will receive a level V Gem.
2. Each member of the runner-up guild will receive: 1000 reputation, 3 million gold.
The runner–up guild will receive 2000 dragon gold divided equally among all its members, and the guild leader will receive a level IV Gem. 
3. Every player who participated in the Cross Server Guild War will receive: 300 reputation, 500K gold.