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Feb 21, 13Friend System

You will get access to the Friend System when you have fully exploredRevantusk Mountain Backway(1).
The players you are following are shown on the Friend panel with their name, location, level and gender displayed.

You can left-click a friend to check his/her profile, cancel following, add him/her to your blacklist, whispe rhim/her, or send flower to him/her, and so on.

The other two buttons on the Friend panel are your Recent contacts and Blacklist (ignored contacts).
You can click a friend to whisper him/her through a chat box, on top of which you can also perform relevant operations of friends.

Send Flower
After completing the instance 'Reclusive Forest(2)', you can send flowers to other players once per day regardless of whether they are your friends or not. In this way you can gain Reputation and attract attention from other players. You can send 1, 9 or 99 flowers. The more flowers you send, the more Reputation you can gain. You need to spend some Dragon Gold to send 9 or 99 flowers while only some Gold is needed to send 1 flower.

Sending 99 Flowers will be announced in game and give you a Flower Rain visual effect.

You can send flowers by clicking your friends on your Friend panel or just click other players on the screen to send them flowers.