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Feb 21, 13Guild System


Simply click  to unfold the guild panel.

Guild Creation: When you have reached a certain level, you can spend 100,000 Gold to create a guild. Then you can invite other players to join your guild.

Joining a Guild: When you have reached a certain level, you can apply for joining a guild. You may submit up to 3 applications at one time.

When attempting to create a guild, you must enter a name for the guild. When you have successfully created the guild, you become the guild leader, and you are able to transfer the guild to someone else, dismiss the guild, post notices in the guild, and so on. After you join a guild, you are able to enjoy the benefits specific to the guild.


The Guildhallis where the members gather together, communicate with each other, deal with guild quests, launch guild events, and so on.

Guild War


Only the guild which reaches Level 2 and is one of the top-16 guilds making contributions of the week can apply for the guild war and the application time is from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 20:50. A guild war shall be conducted every Sunday 21:00; and it is required the leader or vice leader to apply the guild war. 
Guild System 

Application interface:

 Click the “Last Battle” Button to check the guild war of last week 

Competition rules:

The competition rules of guild war are similar to that of the championship and also use the way of pairing by the system and require rounds of selection.
At 21:00 every Sunday, the system will conduct the combat pairing for the Top-16 teams, of which 8 ones will win. The following competition will be carried out in the same way the winner will fight out through top-4 finals, semi-finals and finals.

View Combat

The corresponding membership information of a guild could be viewed in the combat interface of the paired parties by clicking the “View” button in the competition interface. The membership information contains member names and combat power; and the information will be in the descending order of the combat power. Additionally, players will enter into the combat interface by clicking “View” to play the whole process of this combat. The member who gets victory can move on to the next combat and the blood and the surviving partner will continue the state in the last combat.

Combat Information

In the process of guild war, players can learn about the guild war information through the world chat channel in the game interface which broadcasts the information all the way, for example, “xxx guild defeats xxx guild and ranks among Top-8.” The information that “the xxx guild wins this guild war” will be showed in gold in the form of announcement at the top of the game interface when the result of champion comes out.


Rewards for members of the champion guild: 1000 points of reputation, 500000 gold. 3 members will be randomly given the champion pack.
Rewards for members of runner-up guild: 800 points of reputation, 300000 gold. 3 members will be randomly given the runner-up pack.
All players participating in this guild war will get 300 points of reputation, 100000 gold.
Rewards will be sent by the email system.