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Feb 21, 13Potion System

The Potion System will be opened when completing the instance “Revantusk Mountain Backway(2)”.
You can use Potion to improve your pal’s and your own attributes. There are three kinds of potions: strength potion, skill potion and magic potion, each of which will increase the corresponding attributes.
There are 6 levels for each kind of potion. The usable times for each potion are different. You can use Potion of all 6 levels, but the stat augment will decrease progressively by 5 for each level. 
You can click “Potion” in the character profile panel to enter the Potion panel. If there is any usable potion in the backpack, you can just use it at a corresponding empty tonic slot. If you are a VIP, you will even be able to save a lot of time and work in making Potion, and spend Dragon Gold to use level 6 Potion automatically.