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Feb 21, 13Instances

Normal Instances

To get access to a normal instance, you must complete the certain storyline quest. There are a different amount of instances in each zone. It will cost 5 Action Point to enter a normal instance. In a normal instance which you have fully explored you can sweep to complete challenges, collect materials or Gold, even have a chance to obtain Dragon Gold.


Heroic Instances

When defeating a BOSS in a normal instance, you will be able to accept a quest related to a certain heroic instance. The monsters in the heroic instance are much stronger. To fully explore the heroic instance, you must make your pals and yourself much stronger. It is a good test of your battle power to challenge the heroic instance. As you adventure further, you will have to face tougher BOSSes. Only the monsters in the heroic instance may drop the required scrolls to craft purple gears. To obtain the top gears specific to each stage, you can do nothing but challenge the heroic instances. To defeat the tougher BOSSes, keep striving hard to make you stronger.
In each heroic instance that you have fully explored, you can consume relevant Action Point to sweep once each day, to fast obtain the required scrolls to craft gears and even Dragon Gold. The sweep function of the Heroic Instance will be opened after you passed the normal instance “ Redusive Forest(6)”. The VIP3-12 level players are able to reset the sweep of heroic instance by spending Dragon Golds.