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Feb 21, 13Chat System

Chat Box

The chat box is located at the bottom left corner of the game screen. You may communicate with different targets via the channels available.
When somebody obtains a golden horoscope, fully explores a Heroic instance or a world BOSS is killed, a message will appear in the World channel, making it public. While in a guild, you can join the guild chat to communicate with members of the guild and check other members’ movement info at the same time. The event channel is only used during events, for example, you can send messages in the event channel after entering an event area.

If you have any question during the game time, you can contact us in the “GM” channel at the right side. We will in the first time to serve you.


By clicking somebody’s avatar and then clicking “Whisper”, you can whisper to the target player. When clicking a player’s avatar, you can also find the options to add them to your blacklist, add them to your friend list, inspect their profile and send flower to them in the pop-up menu. Of course you need to active the “Friend System” to open these functions.