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Feb 21, 13Quest System

Types of Quests    
1. Storyline Quests
The quests are closely related to the storyline. By completing the certain storyline quests, you will get access to new functions, new zones, new pals, new skills, and more gradually. You can also enjoy the excellent story when you complete a quest just like you are personally on the scene. When you have accepted a quest, you can click the underlined words in the description text to move towards the target automatically.

2. Branch Quests
After completing a storyline quest, you will be eligible to accept some branch quests from NPCs in the zone. In the zone where you have activated an instance, you can deal with the branch quests by grinding at the cost of some Action Point. Thus you are suggested to do so with enough Action Point. The system will automatically set your sweep times according to the monster numbers you need to defeat as required in the branch quest.

3. Daily Quest
By completing the daily quests on the interface of ‘Guide’, you can obtain Honor points and Medals. Non-VIP players can finish 15 quests and claim the rewards 3 times each day. VIP players can do more according their VIP levels.

How to do Quests
1. Accept Quest
If  you see an NPC with an Exclamation Mark on his/her head, it means he/she has a quest for you.

Click on him/her, or walk close to him/her and press ‘Space’ to start the conversation and accept the quest.
2.  Quest Track
In the right panel of the screen, you can see what quests are in progress. Click on the words, you will be lead to the Quest NPC or the Instance automatically to do the quest.
3. Submit Quest  
Talk to the NPC with a golden Question Mark, you can submit the quest and accept the rewards.
Abandon Quest: Click on the button 'Abort' in the Quest panel, you can stop doing the accepted quest.