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Feb 21, 13Talent System and Honor

Talent System
You will get access to the Talent system when completing the instance Strawberry Field(1). By studying talents, your character stats and battle power will be increased. To unfold the Talent panel, simply click the “Talent” button.
As you level up, you will unlock more talents. Different talents are studied in different levels. The higher your character is, the more talents you can unlock. You may spend Honor to upgrade the talents so as to increase your attack, defense, dodge rate, etc. There is a special talent called Formation. You can upgrade the formation to improve First Attack of your team in the combat.
Gaining Honor 
It will cost you Honor to study a talent. A higher-level talent requires more Honor and not all talent require the same amount of Honor to study.
The ways to gain Honor: Adventure, common instances, Heroic Instances, Card Draw, daily quests.