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Feb 21, 13Equipment

Basic Info.
1. Equipment Type
Equipment types in Dragon’s Call II are: Weapon, Armor, Amulet, Soulgear
Weapon: sword, bow, dagger, staff
Armor: head, chest, feet
Amulet: ring
Soulgear: pendant
2. Equipment Quality
There are 3 categories of quality: blue, purple, yellow. Blue ones are the poorest, and the yellow ones are the best. Note: Yellow Equipment is not available in game now.

Purple ones are uncommon with the intermediate base stats and augment ratio.
Yellow ones are ultra rare with the highest base stats and augment ratio.
3. Ways to get Equipment
Blue Gears:
The BOSSes of low-level normal instances may drop blue equipment. Equipment vendors offer blue equipment, and the Blackmarket will offer one piece of blue equipment every 6 hours.
Purple Gears:
To create a purple gear, you must have a certain scroll which can only be obtained in heroic instances, as well as the certain materials. To transfer a blue gear into a purple one, you must have the required scroll and materials, too.
Yellow Gears: (Coming Soon)
To obtain a piece of yellow gears, you can only loot some items from the BOSSes amongst the Zodiac.

Refining System
1. Introduction
Dragon’s Call II does not introduce a lot of items and steps to annoy you in equipment enhancement. Instead, you only need spend Gold to refine your gears.
There is no level limitation in equipment refining. Different gear requires a different amount of Gold to refine. It will cost you more Gold to refine a better gear.
2. Scroll Creation
You may gain scrolls used in Alchemy and Equipment Combination by many means. You may gain the scrolls required to make potions from Medal Merchant, Blackmarket, or the rewards for killing the World BOSSes. Whilst, the scrolls required to craft equipment can only be obtained in the heroic instances, or have a chance to buy it in Blackmarket. (Tip: Refreshing the Blackmarket may give you a big chance to obtain the Equipment Scrolls.)

The materials required to make potions or craft equipment can be looted from the monsters in instances. You can click a kind of material on a scroll in the backpack to automatically move towards the instance where you can find the material. Then you consume some Action Point to sweep in the instance to gather materials.            
When you reach a certain level, you will be accessible to Potion Box Scrolls. You will efficiently make several potions at one time.

Instant Combine
If you are Level 4 VIP, you can consume some Dragon Gold to instantly combine the Equipment, even though there are not enough materials or scrolls. The more materials you lack of, the more DG you will consume.