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Apr 08, 13Weekly Events

In order to enrich the game experience at weekends, we have grandly introduced the weekly events of DCII. These events are made for every player in game. Come and free your passions, join the weekly Dragon’s Merrymaking.


Apr 01, 13Transformation Cards

​Transformation Cards is a very entertaining feature in Dragon’s Call II, which allows players to change their characters into the shape of a monster, a pal or even an NPC.


Apr 01, 13Pet System

The Pet system will be released after we passed the storyline instance “Strawberry Field(2)”. After we open the pet system, we will gain a junior pet [Primary Warwolf ] for free then we are able to train the pet, play with pet and advance the pet to approve the strength of the major.


Apr 01, 13Zodiac

“Zodiac” in DCII is a special system in later development. Players are able to challenge the 12 signs of the zodiac and Ares there. We will be given the Blood Soul and Stardust after every succeed. The Stardust is used to enchant our equipment to promote the quality. “Zodiac” will be released after we passed the storyline instance “Border of Land of Chaos (3)”.

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