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Dec 16, 13The Treasure of Dragon King

The Treasure of Dragon King system is a new lottery system in Dragon's call 2. Players use Dragon Gold to explore in the treasury then gain big reward.
This system is one of the main few ways to obtain gems early on. It will release after we passed the story line instance "Guardian's Valley(7)".

The System Interface

Explore Treasure of Dragon King
We have two ways to explore the treasury, the first one is using the treasury key and the second one is using Dragon Gold to explore directly. The treasury key can be gotten from the official events, holiday events and have chance to get by exploring the treasury also.
Regard the Dragon Gold exploring, we will probably choose one of three ways to do it: Spend 10 D.G to explore one time, spend 95D.G to explore 10 times and spend 450 D.G to explore 50 times. The treasury key is not available to the second and third way.

Treasury Rewards
The reward from the treasury exploring is all in random. And the reward type contains Gems, Gold, Blood Soul, Reputation, Honor, Action Points and else. We also have chance to gain high level gems from the treasury but it is very hard.
After we explored the treasury, the rewards will be recorded and show at the top of the system window. The “Message” will only show the gems’ record but the “Explore record” will show all the explore history. 
The button at the bottom right of the system window which called “Treasury Vault” is used for the temporary reward storage. The exploring incomes will be put in the treasury vault first and we need to claim the rewards by manual.

Treasury Update
The items in the treasury will be updated on 00:00 every day and before the updating, the items can’t be changed.