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Apr 01, 13Pet System

The Pet system will be released after we passed the storyline instance "Strawberry Field(2)".

After we open the pet system, we will gain a junior pet [Primary Warwolf ] for free then we are able to train the pet, play with pet and advance the pet to approve the strength of the major.

【Pet Slot
At the beginning, there are 3 free slots for our pets, the other 2 are locked. We must do the expansion by spending 100 Dragon Gold to unlock them.

We can equip the pet by clicking the "Equip" button then gain the attribute bonus. The pet will be threw away after we click "Abandon" and the slot will be re-gained.
【Pet Advancement
The first advancement of pet will be released when the level of pet reached lv30. The second advancement will be lv50. Pets can be advanced two times at most.
Besides the level, we also need to collect the corresponding materials for advancement. Otherwise, the VIP-star 5 players have privilege【Instantly Advance】which is able to make up the lack of materials by using Dragon Gold. The amount of DG is based on the quantity of materials. The HP of pets will be greatly enhanced after advance successfully.

【Pet Training
There are two steps of attribute in pets. The first step is: Strength, Skill and Intellect. And the pet training is only for adding the first step attributes. The training of pet is more similar with the character training, there are "Gold Training","5 DG Training", "20DG Training", "40DG Training"; you will gain more promotion by using the higher-grade way on training. The "40DG" way will 100% improve the attribute on pet.

We can check the exact stats of pet after click "Detail" and show the adding value when equip the pet.
【Talent & Skill
The number and kinds of the talent is randomly placed.
The 6 initialization skills which pet can be taught are: Physic Attack, Physic Defense, Skill Attack, Skill Defense, Spell Attack, Spell Defense. Players need to choose the skill then click " Learning" button to learn the skill on pet. Learning skill will cost skill points which added after pets upgrade level and the amount will depend on the quality of pet. (Green pets will gain 2 skill points, Blue pets will gain 3 skill points, Purple pets will gain 4 skill points and Yellow pets will gain 5 skill points.)
If you distribute the points on wrong skill, please do not worry, here is a amazing system "", you only need to spend 200 DG to restore the used points from skills.

The playing function is an important way to grow up your pet, it will add experience on pet.

We have 10 playing times every day, and also be able to purchase 5 more times by using DG; the VIP players will gain more playing time and purchase time. Each VIP level will add 5 more times. VIP5 or higher players own the extra privileges "Batch Tease" "Batch Purchase" etc.
【Pet Impart
The impart of pets is similar with the pals' impart. After impart successfully, the new pet will carry on the level, strength, skill, intellect and skill points. The impart function will be activated when the level of pets arrive lv30, the successor will receive 80% of attributes from the older generation. In addition, VIP5 players are able to use the "Perfect Impart" to retain 100% attributes from the old pets. The "Perfect Impart" will cost 600 DG.

How to gain the pets
There are many ways to gain pets in game. Except the original pet "Primary warwolf" which we got from the system, we can also get more powerful pets from the store, winning from World Boss Challenge(We will have two chance to gain the pet shards from the World Boss Challenge every day, the higher ranking you arrive, the higher rate to get more shard.), winning from the Recharge bonus and other official activities. For the detail, please pay attention to our official news.