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Feb 21, 13Skill

How to check my skill?
You can open your character panel to check the skill you are using:

Innate Skill
Every character is created with an innate skill unique to their class. Innate skills can be used directly from the first battle. The innate skill for each class is as follows:
Mage - Ice Arrow
Warrior- Crash
Assassin- Sharp Edge
For example, Mage has the innate skill of Ice Arrow which has a visual effect as shown in the following picture.

Learn a New Skill
You can begin to learn a new skill when you have fully explored the instance “Secret Fortress (7)”in Guardian's Valley (probably at Level 36 or so). Learning a new skill requires Blood Soul which you can get when you have fully exploredthose common Instances, heroic Instances or Dragon Lair for the first time.
After you obtain Blood Soul, you can click  in the navigation bar to open the skill panel.
Before you can learn a skill, you have to use Blood Soul to light up all the nine Skill Balls. Every time you light up a ball, you will receive some attribute bonus. The more Skill Balls you light, the more Blood Soul you have to use.

After you light up all the 9 Skill Balls, you will learn the new skill.
Currently, there are 5 skills available for you to learn:
Water - Frost Sharp Edge: skill attack+1000. After releasing, 25 Morale will be left.
Earth - Stone Strike: skill attack+1500. After releasing, 30 Morale will be left.
Wind - Wind’s Song: skill attack+2000. After releasing, 35 Morale will be left.
Fire - SoulIgnition: skill attack+2500. After releasing, 40 Morale will be left.
Ice - Icy Thorn Dancing:skill attack+3000. After releasing, 45 Morale will be left.