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Feb 21, 13Life Tree

Life Tree is where you and your pals can upgrade levels fast by challenging Woodspirits. You can unlock this system when you have fully explored the "Deralok Vanguard(2)" of "Thunderclap Keep" (probably when you are around Level 73).
When you unlock Life Tree, its icon  will appear on the top navigation bar. Click it and then you can access this feature.

How to pick Life Fruits?
To pick those Life Fruits and gain Exp, you and your team have to fight Treant and its four Woodspirits. Every time you pick a fruit from the tree, there will be one less left on the tree and one member from your team has to stay out of battlefield in next fight, which means one of you has to fight the 5 guards alone for the fifth fruit. However, those who stay out of the combat can still share Exp.

The five guards of Life Tree, including the Treant and 4 Woodspirits, have different attributes of HP, attack and defense, as well as combat formation in different levels. And they all deal Magic Attack, which is immune to Physical Defense. To gain entry to the next Level of challenge, you have to accomplish two requirements. First, your level must be higher than the Treant's. Second, you have to pick all the five fruits of the current Level. The Treant and Woodspirits will become stronger in the next level, so you have to make yourself stronger too. Otherwise, you won't be able to complete the whole challenge.
Exp of Life Fruit in Different Levels:
Level Exp Required Player Level
75 400K 75+
80 500K 80+
85 650K 85+
90 850K 90+
95 1100K 95+
100 1400K 100+
105 1800K 105+
110 2400K 110+
(Settings may be subject to future changes.)

Summon Pal 
If you feel you have difficulty defeating all the guards to pick the Life Fruit, you can click the [Summon] button at the top-left corner of your screen, which will appear when there are less than 5 fighters in your formation, to summon an Elf Assassin. The Elf Assassin you summoned will fight in replacement of the fighter laid off. How many Elf Assassins you can summon is decided by how many fighters remain in your formation. For example, if you have 3 fighters in for your combat formation, you can summon 2 Elf Assassins to help you. Each will cost 50 Dragon Gold.

Duration of Summoned Pal: The Elf Assassins will disappear after you successfully pick up the current Life Fruit. If you fail, they will keep assisting you for the current stage.