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Feb 21, 13The “Impart” Feature

The "Impart" feature enables player to fast improve its new pal's level and abilities. The imparter cannot be the main pal. The imparter can impart a portion of itslevel, potions and training bonusesto the impartee according to the system arrangement. However, the impart will not affect the imparter's own level and stats. Each pal only has one opportunity to impart. Please make good use of the opportunity.

Choose an idle paland click "Impart", then you can check the pal's stats.Later on, as soon as you choose a pal to accept the benefits, you will be able to preview the benefits that the pal will gain.

Below are some rules that need attention.
1. About the level to be imparted: 50% of the imparter's level will be imparted to the impartee.
[Note 1: The level to be imparted will not add to the impartee's level.
Note 2: If the impartee's level is higher than the level to be imparted, the impartee's level will remain unchanged.]
2. About the training bonuses: 50% of the imparter's training bonuses will be imparted to the impartee.
[Note: If the impartee's training bonuses are higher than the training bonuses to be imparted, the impartee's training bonuses will remain unchanged.]
3. About the potions to be imparted: 50% of the imparter's potions will be imparted to the impartee.
[If the impartee has more potions of any type or grade than the potions of the certain type or grade to be imparted, than the impartee will not accept the potions of the type or grade.]
4. About the advancement stage: The imparter will impart an advancement stage which is 2 stages earlier than its own advancement stage to the impartee.For example, if the imparter's advancement stage is XX III, the impartee's advancement stage will be XX I after the impart.
[Note: The impartee'sadvancement stage will remain unchanged if its advancement stage is elder than the advancement stage to be imparted.]
5. About the Gold costs:
If the imparter's level 60 or below, it will cost 10000 Gold.
If the imparter's between level 61 and level 80, it will cost 30000 Gold.
If the imparter's level 81 or above it will cost 60000 Gold.
In addition, if the imparter's level is an odd number such as 71, any of the pal's stat has been augmented by an odd number through training (suppose its strength has been augmented by 153 through training), or the imparter has an odd number of potions of any type or grade (3 vials of grade 2, 3, 4 potions respectively), then the specific value of the benefits to be imparted to the impartee will correspondingly be deducted by 0.5. It means, the impartee will become level 35, its strength will be augmented by 76, and it will accept 1 vial of grade 2, 3, 4 potion from the imparter. So you should pay attention to even numbers if you want to achieve the best impart effect.
VIPs will be able to enjoy some privileges related to the "impart" feature. For more details, simply check VIP Privileges