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Feb 21, 13Sacrifice - Honor Wargod

Honoring Wargod will give you rewards of Reputation and the chance of getting extra EXP from Instances. Honoring Wargod is very like Guild Sacrifice and it is more convenient. All players, no matter whether they have joined a Guild or not, can honor Wargod together. You will get access to this feature when you have fully explored the “Deralok Vanguard(1)” of “Thunderclap Keep” (probably when you are around Level 73).
Where to Honor Wargod: 
You can find the icon of this feature at the top of the screen, alongside other icons, such as Arena, Guild Events, Ring Escort, etc.

How to Honor Wargod: 
Click the icon shown above to access this feature. Similar to Guild Sacrifice, you can sacrifice White Rose, Blue Roseor Red Rose to honor Wargod.

Cost & Rewards for Sacrifice: 
You can choose to sacrifice White Rose, Blue Rose or Red Rose to honor Wargod, but you can honor only once in a day.
White Rose: Using White Rose for sacrifice costs 100 Honor Points and awards 120 Blessing times and 10 Reputation Points. 
Blue Rose: Using Blue Rose for sacrifice costs 30 Dragon Gold and awards 240 Blessing times and 100 Reputation Points. Only VIP 1 and above players can sacrifice Blue Rose. 
Red Rose: Using Red Rose for sacrifice costs 90 Dragon Gold and awards 720 Blessing times and 1000 Reputation Points. Only VIP 2 and above players can sacrifice Red Rose.
Level of Wargod 
Every time you honor Wargod, it will receive some Anima (Exp). When its Anima reaches a certain amount, Wargod will upgrade. 
Every time you honor with White Rose, Wargod will receive 5 Anima (Exp). 
Every time you honor with Blue Rose, Wargod will receive 50 Anima (Exp). 
Every time you honor with Red Rose, Wargod will receive 500 Anima (Exp). 
Wargod can upgrade to level 10 at most. The Level 1 Wargod can give you Initial Blessing which can help you gain 110% Exp from Instances. When it upgrades to the next level, the bonus EXP will increase by 10%. For example, the blessing given by the Level 2 Wargod can help you gain 120% Exp from Instances, and so forth.