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Feb 21, 13Hand of Midas

The Hand of Midas is an important way to gain abundant Gold. You can unlock this system when you have fully explored the Revantusk Mountain(3). You can spend 2 Dragon Gold in using the Hand of Midas one time each day.


Feb 21, 13Guild Events

While staying in a guild, you are eligible to join some certain events in the guild. As the guild levels up,you will be able to join more events in the guild.Joining an Event: Click the Guild Eventsicon at the top right corner.


Feb 21, 13Dragon Hunter

The Dragon Hunter system is providing players with some fun and the opportunity to win rewards. Players can click on the icon on top of the screen to access the Dragon Hunter system to join the hunting, after completing the instance ‘Death Valle


Feb 21, 13Arena

When you reach Level 17, you will get access to the Arena which is the best place to estimate your overall strength.Simply click to enter the Arena.The Arena will stimulate you to interact with others much more frequently than before. You can challenge o

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