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Dec 16, 13Smash Dragon Egg

The Smash Dragon Egg system is a new and similar lottery system in 2.0 version of Dragon’s Call 2. It provide us an extra way to obtain gems and gold in game. This system will release automatically when our hero reaches lv25.

We have only one egg at the beginning, and the amount of egg is related to your VIP level. There will be one more egg from VIP lv1 to lv5 so we will have most 5 eggs one time when we get VIP lv5.
The non-VIP players have once free chance to smash the egg every day and the VIP players will get two free times.

There are two methods to smash the eggs. The first one is using the hammer, and the second one is using the Dragon Gold directly. If you get the hammer in backpack, the system will judge it and cost the free smash time first, after that, the hammer will be consumed. We have chance to get the hammer from official events or play the Treasure of Dragon King.

Smash eggs by using the Dragon Gold need to cost 30 D.G one time.

After we smashed the eggs, they will be recycled from mature period to hatching period; then wait 10 minutes to be mature again. If you don’t want to wait, you are able to spend 20 D.G to cancel the CD, and less time for less D.G.

We can get gems and gold from the eggs, also have chance to get high level gems.