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Feb 21, 13Brief Introduction to Adventure

The wonderful adventure is to allow players to get rewards by answering random questions and rewards include reputation, honor, action point and gold; and it will be available when players reach "Reclusive Forest (6)" in Pandar Prairie.
A player can answer questions for 10 times each day and each question has two options with different rewards. The shortcut functions at the upper left corner of the interface will show the number of questions the player answers.

You can open the answering interface by clicking the green underlined font:

There is CD interval between each question and the more number of questions the player answers, the longer the player has to wait. At this moment the player can remove CD to answer question more quickly by spending Dragon Gold.
There are two ways to clear the cooldown time, that is, one is to directly select the tips under the question so as to go to the next question.

The other is to click a small button on the tip of shortcut function and then select to clear the cooldown time after answering the question; at this moment, the system will determine the number of dragon gold depending on the remaining cooldown time. The shorter the time remains, the lesser the dragon gold you have to spend.

For specific information on questions and answers in Adventure, please click here.