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Feb 21, 13Arena

When you complete the instance 'Magic Fissure(3)', you will get access to the Arena which is the best place to estimate your overall strength.
Simply click  to enter the Arena.

The Arena will stimulate you to interact with others much more frequently than before. You can challenge other players 15 times each day at the Arena to gain lots of Gold and Reputation, and also enjoy some PvP fun. VIPs can consume Dragon Gold to add the challenge times. The higher your VIP level is, the more times you will have to challenge others. When you achieve successive wins, you will get more rewards. When you perform excellently enough at the Arena, a bulletin will make it public at the top of the Arena panel.

The times for a player to challenge other players in the arena is 15 a day and when these free times are used up, the player can spend extra dragon gold to increase the times of challenge and there is no limitation for the purchase. The more times you purchase, the more dragon gold you will spend.

You can click the avatar of a player at the Arena to automatically challenge them.

You can challenge every player and inspect their profile at the Arena. You can configure your formation and do some refining before the challenge. When you defeat anybody at the Arena, you will win some certain rewards and take the ranking. If you lost, you will win fewer rewards, too. However, if you are defeated when challenging somebody at the Arena, you have to wait 10 minutes to challenge somebody again. There won't be any cooldown timer if you win the challenge.