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Feb 21, 13Astrology System

Astrology Panel
In the Astrology panel you can simply click an NPC to divine.
It will cost you some Gold to divine, by which you will gain certain Horoscope Essence. Each Horoscope Essence has its specific attributes, which will make you stronger.
There are 5 Astrologers (NPC) in the Astrology panel. They are respectively Witch, Necromancer, Priest, Bishop and Oracle from the left to the right. The one in the left is higher-level than the one at the right. A higher-level Astrologer will help you get higher-level essence easier, but will cost you more Gold. It is harder to encounter to a higher-level fortune teller, but you can directly spend Dragon Gold to summon Bishop for higher-level essence. The horoscope essence from divination can be sold for some Gold or picked up. After picking up the essence, you can check the related details in your Horoscope backpack.
Quality of Horoscope Essence
You can easily distinguish the quality of a Horoscope Essence by its color. Grey, green, blue, purple and yellow. Horoscope Essences are respectively inferior to the later ones. Amongst them, grey ones, as the worst Horoscope Essences, cannot be equipped but can only be sold. The acquired rating of the yellow essences is very low.
Astrology backpack
After picking up the horoscopes, you may click \ in the Astrology panel or \ in the Navigationto open your Horoscope backpack so you can check the details of the horoscope. By default, there are 4 slots in the Horoscope backpack, but you can spend Dragon Gold to add slots.
As you level up, you will be able to equip more horoscope essence to you. With better horoscope essence equipped, your pals andyou will be stronger in the combat.


Combining Horoscope Essence
A higher-level horoscope can cover a lower-level one to upgrade its level. For the 2 Horoscope Essenceof the same level, the level and Exp decide who will be covered. In the Astrology backpack, you can combine all lower-level horoscope essence in the backpack by using “Combine all horoscopes” if you get many lower-level horoscopes. When hitting level 80, you will get access to the shortcut to Divination by one click, Auto Pick and Auto Combine.

Checking Horoscope in Profile Panel
Youcan check the details of Horoscope in your profile panel.