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Feb 21, 13Colosseum

Colosseum is a brand-new PvE battle ground where players can challenge those fierce monster bosses to gain numerous rewards. You can enter this ground by clicking the Colosseum icon at the top corner of your screen, after reaching Level 15. 

Colosseum Panel:
1. Guild Inspire: If you are a member of a guild, you can use this function to add a bonus reward of extra 10% Reputation and Honor.

Sweep & Reset: These two functions are only for players with a Level 3 or higher VIP membership. Resetting Colosseum will give you extra chance to challenge those bosses you have challenged in a day, and after resetting Colosseum, you can use the Sweep function to gain the rewards directly. Players with a Level 3 or Level 4 VIP membership can reset Colosseum once a day by paying 300 Dragon Gold while players with a Level 5 or above VIP membership can reset Colosseum two times in a day. The fee for the second reset is 600 Dragon Gold.
Challenge Mode:
Colosseum is level-locked. You have to reach a certain level before you can challenge a boss and if you want to challenge the next boss, you have to defeat the current boss first. The first boss will be unlocked when you reach Level 15, and the second one at Level 25. You can see the required level for the boss you want to challenge and what kind of rewards you can get on the Colosseum panel.

After a boss is unlocked, you can click “Challenge” to begin the fight.