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Feb 21, 13Escort

When completing the instance ‘Reclusive Forest(3)’, you will get access to the Escort system, an important way to obtain Gold.
Each day you can have three chances to get the final rewards. The target to escort determines the maximum reward you can win when finishing the Escort. You may spend Dragon Gold in refreshing the target to escort. To summon a higher-level target, it will cost you more Dragon Gold. If you are lucky enough to summon [The pope] to escort, you will even win up to 1 million Gold at the end of Escort.
When selecting the target to escort, you can then begin the Escort. You must then escort the target until the certain destination. During the process, you can be intercepted by others. You can attempt to intercept others, too.

When successfully intercepting somebody who is implementing a Escort, you will obtain a part of the rewards for the player. When managing to intercept a higher-level player, you may obtain more rewards.
People will not be able to intercept you endlessly while you are carrying out Escort, so you will win some rewards when finishing it. Likewise, you cannot attempt to intercept others again and again. You can ask to help with your Escort, and surely you can help others with their Escort, too. You can even spend Dragon Gold to complete the escort directly and obtain the rewards at once. Sounds cool, huh? 
Summon Galadriel
Level 5+ VIPs can  spend 300 Dragon Gold summoning Galadriel to obtain 1000 Reputation. In addition, Galadriel will give all players on the server a buff for 1 hour:  Increase reputation by 100% while doing Escort during the Buff time. If  you wish to help others, try this function.