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Feb 21, 13Fighting the World BOSSes

Fighting the World BOSSes

When you have fully explored Wild Stone Circle(4), you will be able to fight against the World BOSSes.
Intro to the World BOSSes: Each day, 2 extremely BOSSes with incredibly high HP and power will show up. You may fight against them in a relay to gain certain Exp according to your damage inflicting on the BOSS. You may also have a chance to gain required scrolls to make senior potions, and high-quality gears.
The Initial Level of World Boss is level 40. When the Boss appears, and being killed in 3 minutes, its level will increase by 10; if it's being killed in 5 minutes, its level will increase by 5; and if 10 minutes, the Boss will level up by 1 in the next battle. 15 minutes, no changes. When the Boss level up by 1, it will gain more 1000000 HP.

The amount of rewards depending on the damage you inflict on the BOSS is shown below.
1. For each combat, you will gain 1 Gold for every 10 damage you inflict on the BOSS, but the maximum is equal to Level*100 Gold.
2. For each combat, you will gain 1 Reputation for every 10,000 damage you inflict on the BOSS, but the maximum is 30 Reputation.
The final top 2 players on the damage board will win additional rewards: World Boss Pack.
The one who carries out the attack that kills the BOSS will additionally gain (The BOSS'level-20)*50000 Gold.
While fighting against a World BOSS, you can spend Honor or Dragon Gold to inspire yourself. Spending Honor can increase your battle power by 100% at most, though you may failed sometimes. If you spend Dragon Gold inspiring yourself, your battle power will be successfully increased at any time. When defeated by the BOSS, you can get reborn by many means. VIPs can even get reborn with full HP and stats by right of the "Rebirth" function. To learn more about the privileges exclusive to VIPs, check here.