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Feb 21, 13Death Match

Death Match will be open after you explore Wild Stone Circle(2).
You can click the “Daily Events” to join the Death  Match during 20:00- 20:30, server time.
The  system will randomly select participants of matching levels to fight with each  other. When you defeat an opponent, you get rewards and one successive win, then  you will go on fighting but your HP or MP will not be replenished before you  are defeated. When you are defeated, you will win the certain rewards but your  successive win falls to zero, and you must join the war again in order to fight  against somebody in the war. The players with a [Fighting] mark are right  fighting against somebody, while those players with a [Waiting] mark await the  system to select opponents for them.

Honor  Inspiration: During the Death Match, you can spend Honor to  inspire you. Each inspiration costs 200 Honor, having a chance to increase your  battle power by 20%.

Auto Match: You can also select "Auto Join" to join the match. The system will select your opponents automatically and continue the fighting till the match over or you stop it manually.
The battle report of the winner and as well as  the details of the rewards will be displayed in the Death Match panel. The one  who has achieved the most successive wins will be shown on the Successive Win  Rankings. When the time remaining is 0:00, the Death Match comes to an end.
When the Death Match comes to an end, a system  message will be sent to the participants respectively informing them of their  total rewards and other information.