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May 19, 14Ore War

Ore war is a new battlefield designed for enriching player’s interaction and passion of battle, which is full of occupation and plunder, also extra incomes! Players of level 36 or above can see and activity icon of Ore War at the top of the interface and enter into it upon ...


Dec 16, 13Smash Dragon Egg

The Smash Dragon Egg system is a new and similar lottery system in 2.0 version of Dragon’s Call 2. It provide us an extra way to obtain gems and gold in game. This system will release automatically when our hero reaches lv25.


Feb 21, 13Brief Introduction to Adventure

The wonderful adventure is to allow players to get rewards by answering random questions and rewards include reputation, honor, action point and gold; and it will be available when players reach Reclusive Forest (6) in Pandar Prairie.


Feb 21, 13Daily Events

The Daily Events system will be enabled with the opening of Death Match after the players pass the instance Wild Stone Circle(2) of Pandar Prairie.

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