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Dec 21, 14Merry Christmas: Fantastic Activities Part I!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!
Christmas has come and the Stilland Land is blanketed in a thick sheet of snow. Although we have not walked out from the smoke of war, we still own the enthusiasm of holiday.
With the arrival of Santa Claus, the revelryformally starts.
Let’s check what events we will enjoy for celebrating this Christmas!

Xmas Fantastic Activities I

Event I:
[Event Duration]: December 23rd 0:00–December 27th 23:59 (Server Time)
Event 1: Christmas – Sweep Instance Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Sweep Instance: (0/100)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, sweep the normal instance 100 times every day to claim wonderful rewards, the Heroic Instance does not count.
100k Gold, Candy*3, Snowflake*1,Christmas Seed*1
Event 2: Christmas - Send Flowers to Gain Rewards Every Day
[Goal]: Send flowers to your friend Every Day!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, you will be able to claim wonderful rewards after you sent 9 or 99 flowers to your friends in game.
Send 9 flowers will gain: 120k Gold; 5000 Honor, 100 Reputation
Send 99 flowers will gain: 360k Gold; 30 AP,200 Reputation, Snowflake*1, Christmas Seed*1
Event3: Christmas – Join the Escort Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]:Escort: (0/3)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, join the Escort event 3 times every day to claim wonderful rewards.
50k Gold, Resilence Gem I*1, Snowflake*1
Event4: Christmas –Pays to Consume!
[Goal]: Consume Dragon Gold in game every day to get different rewards!
[Event Description]:
Use Dragon Gold in game and be showered with unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Dragon Gold spent during the promotion – NOT total Dragon Gold purchased. Note: The Reward can be redeemed only one time every day and will be reset on 00:00. Please remember to take your prize in time.
[Event Bonus]:
● Spend 600 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*100K, Action Points*30, Honor*2000, Horoscope Debris*1, Dragon Gold*50, Snowflake*1
● Spend 2,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*500K, Reputation*500, Honor*5000, Crit Gem I*1, Dragon Gold*160, Snowflake*2
● Spend 6,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*1000K, Action Points*120, Horoscope Debris*5, Skill Attack Gem II*2, Dragon Gold*365, Snowflake*4
● Spend 12,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*1500K, Dodge Gem III*1,Hammer*5, Treasury key*5, Dragon Gold*1080, Snowflake*8
Spend 21,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*3000K, Horoscope Debris*10, Treasury key*8, Attack gem gift III*1, Dragon Gold*2358, Snowflake*12
● Spend 30,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*5000K, Lv1 Aquarius Essence IV (+Dodge Rating)*1, Gem Gift IV*1, Dragon Gold*2999, Snowflake*20, Special Title Card*1(After use you will get special title “Guardian of Christmas” above your character name)
Event II:
[Event Duration]: December 27th 0:00– January 1st 23:59 (Server Time)
Event 1:Christmas - Login for Rewards!
[Goal]: Login every day (0/20)
[Event Description]:
Merry Christmas Party, Login DC2to gain rich rewards Every Day!
50K GoldSnowflake*1
Event 2:  Christmas - The Pet Training Daily
[Goal]: Train your petevery day: (0/20)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, once the training of your pets reaches 20 times every day, you will get reward! (It contains the normal gold training and Dragon Gold training).
50k Gold, Honor*1000, Spell Attack Gem I *1, Snowflake*1
Event 3:  Christmas - Planting Daily
[Goal]: Plant in Nursery every day: (0/1)
[Event Description]:
Plant in Nursery system every day to get reward!
100K Gold, 1000 Honor, Snowflake*1,Christmas Seed*1
Event 4Christmas - Explore the Treasure of Dragon King and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Explore Treasure of Dragon King: (0/1; 0/10; 0/30; 0/50)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who explore Treasure of Dragon King 1 time, 10 times, 30 times and 50 times in a day will be able to gain wonderful rewards!
[Event Bonus]:
Explore 1 time will receive:100k Gold,Action Point Potion III*1,Treasury key*1,
Explore 10 times will receive: Lv1 LibEss IV*1, 200K Gold,Blood Soul Stone I*1, Snowflake*1
Explore 30 times will receiveCrit Gem II*1, Horoscop Debris*2,Harmmer*1,Snowflake*2
Explore 50 times will receive: Attack gem gift III*1,Horoscop Debris*5,Potion III Pack*1,Snowflake*3, Christmas Seed*3
Event 5Christmas –Recharge Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Recharge: (0/1000)
During the event time, recharge amount reach1000 Dragon Gold every day, will be rewarded.
1000k Gold, 100 AP, 100 Dragon Gold, Dodge Gem II*1, Snowflake*1
1. You can redeem the rewards after reached the requirements every day.
2. Please click the “Merry Christmas” button and redeem the reward through the event interface.
Event II:
[Event Duration]:January 1st 0:00– January 6th 23:59 (Server Time)
Event 1: Christmas - Combine Your Gems and Win!
[Goal]: Level up your gems Every Day!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who combine the gems to the specified level every daywill be rewarded!
Combine a Level 3 Gem will receive:300K Gold,30 Action Points, Harmmer*1,Snowflake*1
Combine a Level 4 Gem will receive:500K Gold,50 Action Points,Hammer *2,Treasure Key *2,Snowflake*1
Combine a Level 5 Gem will receive:800K Gold, 100 Action Points,Hammer *3,Treasure Key *3,Snowflake*2
Combine a Level 6 Gem will receive: 1000K Gold, 150 Action Points,Hammer *5,Treasure Key *5,Snowflake*3
Event2: Christmas – Fight World Boss Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]:Participate in a World Boss Battle: (0/1)
During the event time, join the daily World Doss fighting 1 time every day to claim great rewards.
200k Gold, Reputation*200,Snowflake*1, Christmas Seed*1
Event3: Christmas - Fight Pandaemonium to Gain reward Every Day!
[Goal]: Pandaemonium:(0/1)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, fight Pandaemonium every day to gain reward.
100k Gold, Honor Card I*1, Blood Soul Stone II*1,Snowflake*1, Christmas Seed*1
Event4: Christmas - Smash Dragon Eggs Daily
[Goal]: Smash Dragon Eggs: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, smash the Dragon Eggs reach 5 times will be rewarded. (It contains the free smashing, hammer smashing and Dragon Gold smashing.)
200K Gold, Treasure Key*1, Dodge Gem II*1, Snowflake*1, Christmas Seed*1
Event5: Christmas - Accumulated Top-upFor Luxury Reward!
[Goal]: Recharge and accumulate your Dragon Goldto gain different rewards.
[Event Description]:
During the Event time, if the accumulated amount of your recharged Dragon Gold reaches the requirementin time, you will receive additional bonus! COME AND RECHARGE!
Accumulated amount reaches 500D.G will win:210K Gold, Action Point*30, Dragon Gold* 50; Snowflake*1,
●Accumulated amount reaches 1000D.Gwill win:320K Gold, Reputation*200, Honor*2000, Crit Gem I*1, Dragon Gold*125; Snowflake*2,
●Accumulated amount reaches 3000 D.G will win: 540K Gold, Honor*5000, Skill Attack Gem II *1, Hammer*1, Dragon Gold*268; Snowflake*4
●Accumulated amount reaches 5000D.G will win:860K Gold, Horoscope Debris *2, Dodge Gem III*1, Treasury key*2, Dragon Gold *620; Snowflake*8,
●Accumulated amount reaches 10000D.G will win:1700K Gold, Physic Attack Gem IV*2, Hammer*5, Treasury key*5, Dragon Gold*1250; Snowflake*12,
●Accumulated amount reaches 20000D.G will win:3300K Gold, Skill Attack Gem*1, Block Gem V*1, Hammer*10, Treasury key*10, Dragon Gold *2450, snowflake*20
Special Event
Christmas – Collect For Exchange!
[Event Duration]: December 23rd 0:00– January 26th 23:59 (Server Time)
During the Christmas Event time, you can collect the item “snowflake” from the daily events then exchange different rewards by different amount.
Collect snowflake *1 will exchange:Small Treasure Box*5
Collect snowflake *10 will exchangeCandy*3,Great Glory Pack[ID4397]*2,Hit Gem I*1
Collect snowflake *50 will exchangeChocolate*3,Dragon Gold*5, 1000K Gold;Hp Gem II*1
Collect snowflake *100 will exchange2000Kgold,Potion V Pack*1,Dragon Gold*15,Skill Attack Gem IV*1
Collect snowflake *200 will exchange:Dragon Gold*50, Immediate upgrade scroll*1, Attack gem gift IV*1
Collect snowflake *300 will exchangeChristmas Iris*1,Hp Gem V*1
Collect snowflake *228 will exchange:Yeti (FestivalPal)