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Nov 13, 14Let’s Play! Carnival of Halloween Party II

Swing on by our Halloween party and join in on the fun! In celebration, we’ll have lots to do in DC2, so be sure to check out all the Halloween events!

I、Challenge “GMs”!
What is the usage of Candles? Here is the question! To celebrate the Halloween, we bring special “GM” Boss into this party, Challenge “GMs” to enjoy the party!
This challenge will begin from November 19th and end at December 7th, can’t miss it!
1. There are 4 GM BOSS with different strength and will reward different gifts. Players need to spend 10 candles to random select 1 GM BOSS for challenging. There are only three challenging times every day.
2. Before fight, players can and only can choose 2 Pays in formation.
3. After the battle, players can choose one Wizard’s Hat to extract reward whether Win or Lose!

II、Online activities

Event I:
[Event Duration]: November 19th – November 24th (Server Time)

Event 1:  Happy Halloween - Login Daily
[Goal]: Login server every day: (0/1)
[Event Description]:
Make fun in the Harvest Season. Login DC2 to gain rich rewards Every Day!

Event 2: Happy Halloween - Henchman Daily
[Goal] Conquer/Revolt: (0/3)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, conquer the other players or revolt your past master 3 times to gain reward.
100k Gold, Action Point*20, Intellect Potion IV*1, Candle*2

Event 3: Happy Halloween -  Fight in the Arena Every Day and Gain reward!
[Goal]: Arena: (0/20)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who fight in the Arena reach 20 times every day will be rewarded.
[Event Bonus]:
活动奖励:100K Gold,Strength Potion IV *1,Candle*2, Pumpkin Seed*1

Event 4:Happy Halloween - Consume Action Point and Gain Wonderful Prize!
[Goal]: Consume Action Points (0/500)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who consumed action point reaches 500 in a day will be rewarded by wonderful prize.
[Event Bonus]:
100k Gold, Reputation*100, Dragon Gold*5,Candle*2, Pumpkin Seed*1

Event 5:Happy Halloween - Explore the Treasure of Dragon King and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Explore Treasure of Dragon King: (0/1; 0/10; 0/30; 0/50)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who explore Treasure of Dragon King 1 time, 10 times, 30 times and 50 times in a day will be able to gain wonderful rewards!
[Event Bonus]:
Explore 1 time will receive: 100k Gold,Action Point Potion III*1,Treasury key*1,Candle*1,
Explore 10 times will receive: Lv1 Lib Ess IV【ID302】*1, 200K Gold,Blood Soul Stone I*1, Candle*1,Pumpkin Seed*1
Explore 30 times will receive:Crit Gem II*1, Horoscop Debris*2,Harmmer*1,Candle*2, Pumpkin Seed*2
Explore 50 times will receive:  Attack gem gift III*1,Horoscop Debris*5,Potion III Pack*1,Candle*3, Pumpkin Seed*3

Event II:
[Event Duration]: November 24th –November 30th (Server Time)

Event 1:  Happy Halloween - Sweep Instance Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Sweep Instance: (0/100)
During the event time, sweep the normal instance 100 times every day to claim wonderful rewards, the Heroic Instance does not count.
100K Gold;Candy*5,Candle*5

Event 2: Happy Halloween - Refresh the Holy Water or Treasure Box Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Refresh Altar:(0/10)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, refresh Holy Water or Treasure Box 10 times in Altar every day to claim amazing rewards.
100KGold;Block Gem II*1,Candle*5,Pumpkin Seed*1

Event 3:  Happy Halloween - Crystal Purify Daily
[Goal]: Purify Crystal every day and gain reward!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, purify your crystal in Beset system 10 time, 50 times and 100 times to gain reward!
Purify 10 times:  300K Gold,Blood Soul Stone I*1,Crystal Shard *30, Candle*1, Pumpkin Seed*1
洗练50次:800K Gold,Treasure Key*2;Reputation Card V*1;Crystal Shard *60, Candle*3, Pumpkin Seed*3
洗练100次:1000K Gold,Lv3 Sco Ess IV*1(+Hit Rating) *1; Treasure Key*5;Crystal Shard *100, Candle*5, Pumpkin Seed*5

Event 4:Happy Halloween - Event4: Recharge and Gain Reward Daily
[Goal]: Recharge: (0/1000)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, recharge amount reaches 1000 Dragon Gold, will be rewarded. There is no time limit. (The sum of recharge will be reset at once after you claimed the reward.)
奖励:1000K Gold,Action Point*100,Dragon Gold*100,Dodge Gem II*1,Candle*5, Pumpkin Seed*3

Event III:
[Event Duration]: November 30th –December 6th (Server Time)

Event 1:  Happy Halloween - Death Match Daily
[Goal]: Take Part in the Death Match: (0/1)

[Event Description]:
During the event time, join the Death Match every day to gain reward.

奖励:100K Gold,Honor Card II*1【ID6163】,Candle*3

Event2:  Happy Halloween - Join the Escort Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Escort: (0/3)
During the event time, join the Escort event 3 times every day to claim wonderful rewards.
奖励: 200K Gold,HP Gem II*1,Candle*3, Pumpkin Seed*1

Event 3:  Happy Halloween - Combine Your Gems and Win!
[Goal]: Level up your gems Every Day!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who combine the gems to the specified level every day will be rewarded!
Combine a Level 3 Gem will receive: 300K Gold,30 Action Points, Candle*2, Pumpkin Seed*1
Combine a Level 4 Gem will receive:  500K Gold,50 Action Points,Hammer *1,Treasure Key *1,Candle*2, Pumpkin Seed*2
Combine a Level 5 Gem will receive:  800K Gold, 100 Action Points,Hammer *2,Treasure Key *2,Candle*4,Pumpkin Seed*3
Combine a Level 6 Gem will receive:  1000K Gold, 150 Action Points,Hammer *4,Treasure Key *4,Candle*8,Pumpkin Seed*4

Event4: Happy Halloween - Shoot for the Stars!
[Goal] Use Astrology to get rewards Every Day!
[Event Description]:
Do your best to gain sweet Astral, a symbol of a good harvest, in the Astral System and be handsomely rewarded! But don’t wait too long since this activity will only be offered during September revelry! (The Auto Divine is also available)

100 times:50K Gold, 10 Action Points,Candle *2
300 times:100k Gold,20 Action Points,Candle *2,Pumpkin Seed*1
500 times:150k Gold,100 Reputation,Candle *3, Pumpkin Seed*2
1000 times:300k Gold, 220 Reputation, Horoscope Debris *1,Candle *4,Pumpkin Seed*3
2000 times: 500K Gold,300 Reputation, Horoscope Debris *2,Candle *5,Pumpkin Seed*4

Event5: Happy Halloween - Accumulated Top-up For Luxury Reward!
[Goal]: Recharge and accumulate your Dragon Gold to gain different rewards.
During the event time, if the accumulated amount of your recharged Dragon Gold reaches the requirement in time, you will receive additional bonus! COME AND RECHARGE!
Note: The reward can be claimed one time only during the event period.
Accumulated amount reaches 500 D.G will win:210K Gold,Action Points*30,50 Dragon Gold,
Accumulated amount reaches 1000 D.G will win: 320K Gold,Reputation*200,Honor*2000,Crit Gem I *1,125 Dragon Gold,
Accumulated amount reaches 3000 D.G will win: 540K Gold, Honor*5000,Skill Attack Gem II *1;Hammer *1,268 Dragon Gold,
●Accumulated amount reaches 5000 D.G will win: 860K Gold, Horoscope Debris *2,Dodge Gem III *1,Treasury key*2,620 Dragon Gold,
Accumulated amount reaches 10000 D.G will win: 1700K Gold,Physic Attack Gem IV *2,Hammer*5,Treasury key*5,1250 Dragon Gold
Accumulated amount reaches 20000 D.G will win:3300K Gold, Block Gem IV *2,Hammer*10,Treasury key*10,2450 Dragon Gold, Special Title Card*1(After use you will get special title “Star of Halloween” behind your character name),