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Aug 12, 14Harvest Season In August II

August is a season of harvest and prosperity. 
Are you ready for your harvest in live? If not, we will let it come true in DC2 first!
The Forth Party
[Event Duration]: August 16th – August 22nd (Server Time)   
Event 1:  Login Daily
[Goal]: Login server every day: (0/1)
[Event Description]: 
Make fun in the Harvest Season. Login DC2 to gain rich rewards Every Day!
Candy*1, 50K Gold
Event2:  The Pet Training Daily
[Goal]: Train your pet every day: (0/20)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, once the training of your pets reaches 20 times every day, you will get reward! (It contains the normal gold training and Dragon Gold training).
50k Gold, Honor*1000, Spell Attack Gem*1
Event3:  Consume Action Point and Gain Wonderful Prize!
[Goal]: Consume Action Points (0/500)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, players who consumed action point reaches 500 in a day will be rewarded by wonderful prize. 
[Event Bonus]: 
100k Gold, Reputation*100, Dragon Gold*5
Event 4: Quota Pack Sale!
[Event Description]: 
A super value package will be on sale in the Shop during August 16th – August. 22nd! 250 Dragon Gold for super Gold Pack, Action Points Pack, Gold Pack and else! What are you waiting for? Come and join the happy style!
Each character can purchase the pack only one time each day. 
[Available Items]:
300K Gold;
Action Points *100;
Skill Attack Gem II*1;
Crit Gem II*1
Horoscope Debris*2;
The Fifth Party
[Event Duration]: August 22nd – August 28th (Server Time)   
Event 1:  Honor War god Daily
[Goal]: Sacrifice the Honor War god every day: (0/1)
[Event Description]: 
Sacrifice the Honor War God every day to gain reward.
50K Gold, Intelligence Potion III*1
Event 2:  Refresh the Envoy in Escort System Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Refresh Envoy in Escort: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, Players who refresh the Envoy 5 times in Escort system will be rewarded.
200k Gold, Candy*3, HP Gem II*1, Treasury Key*1
Event3: Pays to Consume!
[Goal]: Consume Dragon Gold in game every day to get different rewards!
[Event Description]: 
Use Dragon Gold in game and be showered with unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Dragon Gold spent during the promotion – NOT total Dragon Gold purchased. Note: The Reward can be redeemed only one time every day and will be reset on 00:00. Please remember to take your prize in time.
[Event Bonus]: 
● Spend 600 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*100K, Action Points*30, Honor*2000, Horoscope Debris*1, Dragon Gold*50;
● Spend 2,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*500K, Reputation*500, Honor*5000, Crit Gem I*1, Dragon Gold*160;
● Spend 6,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*1000K, Action Points*120, Horoscope Debris*5, Skill Attack Gem II*2, Dragon Gold*365;
● Spend 12,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*1500K, Dodge Gem III*1,Hammer*5, Treasury key*5, Dragon Gold*1080;
● Spend 21,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*3000K, Horoscope Debris*10, Treasury key*8, Attack gem gift III*1, Dragon Gold*2358;
● Spend 30,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*5000K, Action Point*350, Lv1 Aquarius Essence IV (+Dodge Rating)*1, Treasury key*12, Gem Gift IV*1, Dragon Gold*2999, Special Title Card*1(After use you will get special title “Harvest God” above your character name)