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Jul 29, 14Harvest Season In August

August is a season of harvest and prosperity. 
Are you ready for your harvest in live? If not, we will let it come true in DC2 first!
New Championship - Cross Server Guild War!
A new championship will be brought to DC2 in 2.5 Version and it will not be a challenge between single people anymore. Brave guild leaders! Stronger your guild and get ready for the war!
New Activities – Harvest Celebration
The First Party
[Event Duration]: August 1st – August 4th (Server Time)   
Event 1:  Sweep Instance Daily
[Goal]: Sweep instance: (0/100)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, sweep the normal instance 100 times every day to gain reward. (It doesn’t contain the heroic instance.)
Candy*5, 100K Gold, Hammer*1
Event2:  Fight World Boss Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Participate in a World Boss Battle: (0/1)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, join the daily World Doss fighting 1 time every day to claim great rewards. 
200k Gold, Reputation*200, Action Point*10
Event 3:  Accumulated Top-up For Luxury Reward!
[Goal]: Recharge and accumulate your Dragon Gold to gain different rewards.
[Event Description]: 
During the Event time, if the accumulated amount of your recharged Dragon Gold reaches the requirement in time, you will receive additional bonus! COME AND RECHARGE!
●Accumulated amount reaches 500 D.G will win: 210K Gold, Action Point*30, Dragon Gold* 50;
●Accumulated amount reaches 1000 D.G will win: 320K Gold, Reputation*200, Honor*2000, Crit Gem I*1, Dragon Gold*125;
●Accumulated amount reaches 3000 D.G will win: 540K Gold, Honor*5000, Skill Attack Gem II *1, Hammer*1, Dragon Gold*268;
●Accumulated amount reaches 5000 D.G will win: 860K Gold, Horoscope Debris *2, Dodge Gem III*1, Treasury key*2, Dragon Gold *620;
●Accumulated amount reaches 10000 D.G will win: 1700K Gold, Physic Attack Gem IV*2, Hammer*5, Treasury key*5, Dragon Gold*1250;
●Accumulated amount reaches 20000 D.G will win: 3300K Gold, Physic Attack Gem IV*1, Block Gem IV*1, Hammer*10, Treasury key*10, Dragon Gold *2450.
The Second Party
[Event Duration]: August 4th – August 8th (Server Time)   
Event 1:  Death Match Daily
[Goal]: Take Part in the Death Match: (0/1)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, join the Death Match every day to gain reward.
100K Gold, Honor Card II*1, Reputation Card II, Candy*1
Event 2:  Arena Daily
[Goal]: Arena: (0/20)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, players who fight in the Arena reach 20 times every day will be rewarded.
100K Gold, Strength Potion IV*1, Skill Attack Gem I*1
Event 3:  Alchemy Daily
[Goal]: Use Hand of Medias 10 and 20 times to get different rewards Every Day!
During the event time, practice your alchemy skills in this party and receive extra rewards!
10 times: 200k Gold, 20 Action Points, 3000 Honors, Horoscope Debris*1, Skill Attack Gem I*1,Dragon Gold*10
20 times: 500k Gold, 100 Action Points, 5000 Honors, Horoscope Debris*3, Crit Gem II*1, Dragon Gold*20.
Event3:  Recharge and Gain Reward Daily
[Goal]: Recharge the required amount of Dragon Gold in one transaction!
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, recharge 100 Dragon Gold or more in one transaction will gain 15% return and hammer. There is no time limit. (The sum of recharge will be reset at once after you claimed the reward.)
15% of your recharge amount, Hammer*1
The Third Party
[Event Duration]: August 8th – August 12th (Server Time)   
Event 1:  Combine Your Gems and Win!
[Goal]: Level up your gems Every Day!
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, players who combine the gems to the specified level every day will be rewarded! 
Combine a Level 3 Gem will receive:  300k Gold; 30 Action Points; Hammer*1;
Combine a Level 4 Gem will receive:  500k Gold; 50 Action Points; Hammer*2, Treasure Key*2;
Combine a Level 5 Gem will receive:  800k Gold; 100 Action Points; Hammer*3, Treasure Key*3;
Combine a Level 6 Gem will receive:  1000k Gold; 150 Action Points; Hammer*5, Treasure Key*5,
Event 2:  Send Flowers to Gain Rewards Every Day
[Goal]: Send flowers to your friend Every Day!
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, you will be able to claim wonderful rewards after you sent 9 or 99 flowers to your friends in game.
Send 9 flowers will gain: 120k Gold; 5000 Honor; 100 Reputation
Send 99 flowers will gain: 360k Gold; 30 Action Points; 200 Reputation, Anti-block Gem I*1
Event 3:  Fight Pandaemonium to Gain reward Every Day!
[Goal]: Pandaemonium: (0/1)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, fight Pandaemonium every day to gain reward.
100k Gold, Honor Card I*1, Blood Soul Stone II*1
Event 4:  Smash Dragon Eggs Daily
[Goal]: Smash Dragon Eggs: (0/5)
[Event Description]: 
During the event time, smash the Dragon Eggs reach 5 times will be rewarded. (It contains the free smashing, hammer smashing and Dragon Gold smashing.)
200K Gold, Treasure Key*1, Block Gem II*1