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Jun 25, 14Hot Activities on July

Dear Adventurers,
In this scorching summer, we have prepared a series of events for you, you will be able to join the activities and get wonderful rewards every week. Are You Prepared?!

I.New Special Morph Card: Mermaid Morph Card

Attribute: After use, it will bring 30% promotion on Block and HP
Effect Duration: 48 Hours

II.    New Special Item: Special Title Card
After use the special title card you will get a cool and pretty title above your nickname.
The special tile of mermaid:
After use:

III.Mysterious Mermaid’s Treasure Chest

During the event time, players are able to purchase the Mermaid’s Treasure Chest from the store. After opened, you will have chance to obtain random luxurious reward. Each Chest will cost only 39 Dragon Gold.
In Additional, the Mermaid Morph Card and Special Title Card can be randomly dropped from the chest, too! Don’t miss it!

The Store: You can get in the store from backpack or the NPC – Federation
Using Limit: need to reach lv20
Purchase time: unlimited

Mermaid’s Treasure Chest

Open the Treasure Chest to randomly obtain one of the following:
Gem gift I*1;
Action Point*50
Treasure Key*2
Blood Soul Stone I*1
Mermaid Morph Card*1
Special Title Card*1

IV.Hot Activities

The First Week:
[Event Duration]: July 3rd – July 10th (Server Time)  

Event1:  Warrior's Training
[Goal] Refine your equipment to get rewards Every Day!
[Event Description]:
Raise your equipment then practice in the Arena before facing the real deal!
• 50 times:  300k Gold, Action Points*30
• 100 times:  500k Gold, Action Points*50; Honor*2000, Resilence Gem II*1

Event2:  Refresh the Envoy in Escort System Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Refresh Envoy in Escort: (0/5)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, Players who refresh the Envoy 5 times in Escort system will be rewarded.
Reputation*100, 200k Gold, Candy*3, Hammer*1,Blood Soul Stone I*1

Event3:  Ore War Daily
[Goal]: Join the Ore War every day and gain rewards!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, Players who occupy the ore 3 times and plunder the other player 6 times will be able to get reward.
Occupy Ore 3 times: 100k Gold, Action Point*20, Dragon Gold*10
Plunder the other player 6 times: 300k Gold, Action Point*50, Dragon Gold*30

Event4:  Happy Recharging Event!
[Goal]: Recharge the required amount of Dragon Gold in one transaction!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who recharge required amount of Dragon Gold in one transaction will receive additional Dragon Gold! (The bonus Dragon Gold is not counted into the VIP experience.)
Note: Bonus can be claimed repeatedly through multiple recharges!
[Event Bonus]:
Amount Bonus
50DG~200DG 5%
201 DG - 500DG 8%
501 DG - 2000 DG 10%
2001 DG - 4000DG 12%
4000 DG or more 15%

The Second Week:
[Event Duration]: July 10th – July 17th (Server Time)  

Event1:  Consume Action Point and Gain Wonderful Prize!
[Goal]: Consume Action Points (0/500)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who consumed action point reaches 500 in a day will be rewarded by wonderful prize.
[Event Bonus]:
100k Gold, Action Point Potion II*1, Reputation*100, HP Gem I*1

Event2:  Crystal Purify Daily
[Goal]: Purify Crystal every day and gain reward!
[Event Description]:
During the event time, purify your crystal in Beset system 10 time, 50 times and 100 times to gain reward!
Purify 10 times: 300k Gold, Action Point*50, Blood Soul Stone I*1, Crystal Shard*30
Purify 50 times: 800k Gold, Treasure Key*2, Reputation Card V*1, Crystal Shard*60
Purify 100 times: 1000k Gold, Lv3 Scorpius Essence IV*1(+Hit Rating)*1, Treasure Key*5, Dragon Gold*25;Crystal Shard*100

Event3: Refresh the Holy Water or Treasure Box Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Refresh Altar:(0/10)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, refresh Holy Water or Treasure Box 10 times in Altar every day to claim amazing rewards.
Exp*1000K, 200KGold, Candy*5, HP Gem I*2, Skill Attack Gem I*2

Event4: Accumulated Top-up For Luxury Reward!
[Goal]: Recharge and accumulate your Dragon Gold to gain different rewards.
During the event time, if the accumulated amount of your recharged Dragon Gold reaches the requirement in time, you will receive additional bonus! COME AND RECHARGE!
Note: The reward can be claimed one time only during the event period.
●Accumulated amount reaches 500 D.G will win: 210k Gold, Action Point*30, Dragon Gold*50;
●Accumulated amount reaches 1000 D.G will win: 320k Gold, Reputation*200, Honor*2000, Crit Gem I*1, Dragon Gold*120;
●Accumulated amount reaches 3000 D.G will win: 540k Gold, Reputation*1000, Honor*5000, Skill Attack Gem II*1, Hammer*1, Dragon Gold*385;
●Accumulated amount reaches 5000 D.G will win: 860k Gold, Horoscope Debris*2, Dodge Gem III*1, Treasure key*2, Dragon Gold*660;
●Accumulated amount reaches 10000 D.G will win: 1700k Gold, Dodge Gem III*2, Physic Attack Gem IV*1, Hammer*5, Treasure key*5, Dragon Gold*1350;
●Accumulated amount reaches 20000 D.G will win: 3300k Gold, HP Gem V*1, Hammer*10, Treasure Key*10, Dragon Gold*2880;

The Third Week:
[Event Duration]: July 17th – July 24th (Server Time)  

Event1:  Fight in the Arena Every Day and Gain reward!
[Goal]: Arena: (0/20)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who fight in the Arena reach 20 times every day will be rewarded.
[Event Bonus]:
200k Gold, Honor*1000, Reputation*200, Anti-block Gem III*1

Event2: Explore the Treasure of Dragon King and Gain Reward!
[Goal]: Explore Treasure of Dragon King: (0/1; 0/10; 0/30; 0/50)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, players who explore Treasure of Dragon King 1 time, 10 times, 30 times and 50 times in a day will be able to gain wonderful rewards!
[Event Bonus]:
Explore 1 time will receive: Gold*100k, Action Point Potion III*1
Explore 10 times will receive: Lv1 Lib Essence IV*1[+Anti-block rating], Gold*200K, Blood Soul Stone I*1, Treasure Key*2
Explore 30 times will receive: Crit Gem II*1, Horoscope Debris*2, Hammer*1
Explore 50 times will receive: Attack gem gift III*1, Horoscope Debris*5, Potion V Pack*1, Hammer*3.

Event3: Shoot for the Stars!
[Goal] Use Astrology to get rewards Every Day!
[Event Description]:
Do your best to gain sweet Astral, a symbol of a good harvest, in the Astral System and be handsomely rewarded! But don’t wait too long since this activity will only be offered during July revelry! (The Auto Divine is also available)
• 100 times: 100k Gold, Action Point*20
• 300 times: 250k Gold, Honors*1000, Reputation*100
• 500 times: 500k Gold, Honor*2000, Reputation*200
• 1000 times: 800k Gold, Honor*3000, Reputation*320, Horoscope Debris x2
• 2000 times: 1000k Gold, Honor*5000, Reputation*500, Horoscope Debris x3, Physic Defense Gem I*1

Event4: Recharge and Gain Reward Daily
[Goal]: Recharge: (0/1000)

[Event Description]:
During the event time, recharge amount reaches 1000 Dragon Gold, will be rewarded. There is no time limit. (The sum of recharge will be reset at once after you claimed the reward.)

1000K Gold, Action Point*100, Horoscope Debris x3, Dodge Gem II*1, Dragon Gold*100

The Forth Week:
[Event Duration]: July 24th – July 28th (Server Time)  

Event1: Fight World Boss Every Day and Gain Reward!
[Goal] Participate in a World Boss Battle: (0/1)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, join the daily World Doss fighting 1 time every day to claim great rewards.
200k Gold, Action Point*20

Event2: Henchman Daily
[Goal] Conquer/Revolt: (0/3)
[Event Description]:
During the event time, conquer the other players or revolt your past master 3 times to gain reward.
100k Gold, Action Point*20, Intellect Potion IV*1, Dragon Gold*5

Event3: Pays to Consume!
[Goal]: Consume Dragon Gold in game every day to get different rewards!
[Event Description]:
Use Dragon Gold in game and be showered with unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Dragon Gold spent during the promotion – NOT total Dragon Gold purchased. Note: The Reward can be redeemed only one time every day and will be reset on 00:00.
[Event Bonus]:
● Spend 600 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*100K, Action Points*30, Honor*2000, Horoscope Debris*1
● Spend 2,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*500K, Reputation*500, Honor*5000, Crit Gem I*1
● Spend 6,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*1000K, Reputation*1500, Action Points*120, Horoscope Debris*5, Skill Attack Gem II*2
● Spend 12,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*1500K, Lv3 Gem Essence IV (+PATK)*1, Potion IV Pack*1,Dodge Gem III*1,Hammer*5, Treasury key*5
● Spend 21,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*3000K, Action Point*200, Horoscope Debris*10, Treasury key*8, Attack gem gift III*1
● Spend 30,000 Dragon Gold to receive: Gold*5000K, Action Point*350, Lv1 Aquarius Essence IV (+Dodge Rating)*1, Treasury key*12, Gem Gift IV*1, Mermaid Morph Card*1,Special Title Card*1.
(After used the special title card you will get special title “Mermaid Nobility” above your character name.)